Only upload folder

Is there a way to create a folder on windows to just upload the files and delet them localy?

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Um, yes?

Your question is ridiculously vague. The whole point of Nextcloud is the ability to share files (in directories/folders). You can also create a folder that is used to sync files so they can be viewed/deleted locally.

Do you want to have another go at asking the question? Maybe some context, what you’re trying to achieve, what issue you’re having?

I use Acronis to make backups of my phone and pc but I dont want to pay for there cloud service. Only upload is to only have the backuped data in the cloud not on my PC anymore

And? I have no idea what you’re trying to do.

Whenever I take a photo using my phone, the picture is uploaded to my Nextcloud instance. All my contacts and calendar entries are managed via my Nextcloud, and uploaded to my phone. Changes made on my phone are uploaded to my Nextcloud.

I still have no idea what you’re trying to achieve or what you need. I’ve never heard of Acronis and have no idea what it does or what you use it for.

Sorry, dude. I’m kinda done here. How about you actually figure out what you’re trying to achieve, and then figure out how to ask a question, and then start a new topic. Because I have no idea what issue you’re having or what you’re trying to solve, and nobody else has been able to figure out what you’re asking in the last three days either.

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