Nextcloud file backup(upload only)

Hi, I’m using the latest version of nextcloud.

And I’m trying to set up a upload only filefolder(If I add a file in the local filefolder It will upload to the server, and If I delete the file in the local filefoder, there will be no change on the server).
It seems there is no option in desktop client.(It’s like automatic upload in Android app)

So I want to ask if the option exist. And how to set up like this.

Thanks a lot.

I think in the nextcloud desktop client (Windows?) is no option. It is also a problem with web gui. File Drop is also only usable with public share and not with a share to another nextcloud user. I think there is an issue at github nextcloud server
I think you must use a public share for upload only file drop.

Ok, thanks a lot. If it’s true, then we can’t just backup file through nextcloud right?

I think Nextcloud is not a backup software. Nextcloud is a sharing plattfrom.
But you can sync files with Android to Nextcloud and then backup your Nextcloud e.g. every day. Then you have got something like an daily incremental backup.

Ok,sure. Then I guess I just have to live with it.