Upgrade 17.0.5 → 18.0.3 stuck with “Step 5 is currently in process. Please reload this page later.”

Nextcloud version: 17.0.5
Operating system and version: Linux 3.18.117-pvops-xen-x64 x86_64
Apache or nginx version: 2.4.41
PHP version: 7.2.23

The issue you are facing:
Using the Web-Based Updater interrupts at “verify integrity” and reloading only yields a “Step 5 is currently in process. Please reload this page later.” message. I’ve waited minutes and hours and reloaded, but no progress/any change. The server itself seems to operate regularly, the clients are connected with “green checkbox”. Going to admin page offers again the available update to 18.0.3, but clicking the “Open Updater” button just again goes to …/nextcloud/updater/ and throws the mentioned “reload later” message.

I researched a bit and found the Stuck on Update process thread and following hints there I raised the PHP memory_limit from 100M to 512M, but now I don’t know how to continue. Every try to restart the update goes back to the “reload later” message as if there’s the first update process still pending. How can I reset this to see whether the memory update helped?

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? Y

Steps to replicate it:
(see above)

The output of your Nextcloud log in Admin > Logging:

opendir(/tmp): failed to open dir: Permission denied at /XXX/nextcloud/lib/private/TempManager.php#190

The mentioned line (190) in TempManager.php reads

$dh = opendir($this->tmpBaseDir);

The only “tmp” I could change was session.save_path within PHP parameters and I set it to somewhere rwx for the www user. No change.

The output of your config.php file in /path/to/nextcloud (make sure you remove any identifiable information!):

$CONFIG = array (
  'instanceid' => 'X',
  'passwordsalt' => 'X',
  'secret' => X',
  'trusted_domains' => 
  array (
    0 => 'X',
  'datadirectory' => '/X/nextcloud-daten',
  'dbtype' => 'mysql',
  'version' => '',
  'overwrite.cli.url' => 'https://X/nextcloud',
  'dbname' => 'X',
  'dbhost' => 'mysql5.X',
  'dbport' => '',
  'dbtableprefix' => 'oc_',
  'mysql.utf8mb4' => true,
  'dbuser' => 'X',
  'dbpassword' => 'X',
  'installed' => true,
  'updater.secret' => 'XXXXXX',
  'maintenance' => false,
  'theme' => '',
  'loglevel' => 2,

How can I restart the Upgrade Process “from scratch” and lift any incomplete previously stuck processes that seem to block progress here? Any hints?

Thanks in advance

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I have same problem…

@phi @Alexandre_Ostrenko

Do you have root access to the server? Maybe using the CLI Updater would be a good option.

No root access, NC is installed on shared webspace at provider.

CLI access would be available, but:

php7-73STABLE-CLI occ update:check
Nextcloud 18.0.3 is available.

php7-73STABLE-CLI occ upgrade
Nextcloud is already latest version

How to continue here?


OK - I just issued a

php occ maintenance:repair

which ran through without difficulties. Afterwards I was able to initiate the upgrade from the web upgrader which did not again hang at step 5 and continued till the end. Server is now 18.0.3.

@Alexandre_Ostrenko hope that helps you, too.



What helped for me without any coding:

Add php_value memory_limit 512M to your .htaccess in your root directory on your ftp server.

Than it should update just fine.

If you are already stuck at the “Step 5 is currently in process screen. …”
Go into the data/updater-ocqi7d0f4q1v (might be called different in your case and erase the .step file. When you reload the updater page, it should be running without any problems after.

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try this.
sudo -u www-data /usr/bin/php occ maintenance:repair