Update on 32-bit support: decision to block the update on Nextcloud 26 reverted

Update on this: Andy informed me the beta 2 release was not feasible to reach for 32-bit support, it will be for beta 3.

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Will it require another subversion of NC25 to have the NC26 blocker removed, or is the blocker in NC26 or update server code only?

The new beta3 of nc26 claims compatibility with 32-bit. Have not seen any 25.x release which reintroduces support (yet).

Can anyone confirm if any upcoming 25.x release that will include 32-bit support, which was originally assumed for the 25.0.2 point release in announcements?

I mean the blocker for updates from NC25 to NC26 on 32-bit systems can theoretically be within the NC25 updater code, somehow placed on the update server, or within the NC26 code. If it was within the NC25 updater code, another NC25 update would be required to unblock updates to NC26 on 32-bit systems.

NC25.0.2 has 32-bit support. The only left issue I am aware of compared to NC24 is that user quota does not work.

I think it needs 25.0.4: [stable25] Revert #34908 to allow 32bit setups to upgrade to 26 by backportbot-nextcloud[bot] · Pull Request #36593 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

What SysKeeper wrote, the next release of 25 (25.0.4) due to this week Thursday 16th Feb. 2023 will remove the 32-bit upgrade blocker so you will then be able to upgrade to the v26 beta versions, later RCs and stable releases.


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Hello everyone :grinning:

Lately I start to consider setting up my own Nextcloud server and hesitated when I see that 64-bit is a requirement in the nextcloud documentation, so I used KVM to setup a few nextcloud servers on 32-bit and 64-bit processors, and tested on my own. So far 32-bit servers seems to be running well for my workloads (I didn’t reached the 2GB/3GB limitations since I’m only storing some work documents and private notes on it), so I began to get my hands dirty setting up nextcloud server on my physical device (RasPi 2 with 1GB RAM, now you see why I do these tests :wink:) with the experience I learned from virtual machines. It’s good to see that 32-bit hardware is still supported :tada:

The VMs I set up has the following configuration:

  • 2G RAM 20G VirtIO Disk + Debian bullseye i686 + Apache2 2.4.54 + PHP 7.4 + MariaDB 10.5.18 + Redis 6.0.16
  • 2G RAM 20G VirtIO Disk + Debian bullseye amd64 + Apache2 2.4.54 + PHP 7.4 + MariaDB 10.5.18 + Redis 6.0.16
  • 2G RAM 8G VirtIO Disk + Alpine Linux i686 + Apache2 2.4.55 + PHP 8.1 + MariaDB 10.6.12 + Redis 7.0.8
  • 2G RAM 8G VirtIO Disk + Alpine Linux amd64 + Apache2 2.4.55 + PHP 8.1 + MariaDB 10.6.12 + Redis 7.0.8

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Hi! What a great news!
Today I finally took the courage to dive into this again, thinking I might have to disable remote access.
Right now after an upgrade it says I’m running Nextcloud Hub 3 (25.0.13) And it says my version is up-to-date. Upgrade channel is Stable. How can I upgrade to 26 and higher now?

It still says:
It seems like you are running a 32-bit PHP version. Nextcloud needs 64-bit to run well. Please upgrade your OS and PHP to 64-bit! For further details read the documentation page about this :arrow_upper_right:.

You might get away with upgrading php to a newer version. That is the most likely blocker.

In the long run You should consider switching to 64bit

Thanks a lot! That got me in the right direction. I got some hurdles, which I will describe below for those in a similar situation (plain Debian).

I probably won’t be switching hardware the next 5-10 years, because it fullfills my needs. The bare minimum I need can be done with a separate carddav server and rsync, though with quite a bit more hassle - and without the nice addons like the Notes app. So I’m very happy that the very convenient user experience of NC is supported on 32 bit for longer now!

For those in the same situation as me:

  • Debian Buster ships with php 7.4 out of the box
  • NC 25 update check does not return anything unless the check parameters contain something higher (I checked with 8.2).
  • I checked that after upgrading to Debian Bookworm, which ships with 8.2.
  • NC 25 does not support php 8.2.
  • Finally, I got it all on track again after doing the manual upgrade like described in the NC 26 upgrade manual. After that I was able to upgrade to NC 27 the regular way.

Looks like the testing for 32 bit platforms is not done anymore?

Ran into this MAJOR ISSUE, taking Nextcloud DOWN. It upgraded fine but since then… dead! :skull_and_crossbones:


(hopefully) solved by “downgrading” to (without database or data directory) by

  • restoring $nextcloud-data-dir/updater-ocXXXXXXXXXX/backups/nextcloud- over my /var/www/nextcloud
  • and running occ upgrade afterwards.

Many double checks, backups and tests before and after that included made this freaking update steal me 5 and a half hours of my life time (instead of the usual 10 minutes for minor updates), making this the worst update experience EVER.

Because of this personal experience with a stable (!!!) release AND the fact that

… I currently can’t trust Nextcloud('s update mechanisms) anymore. I don’t hope but expect others to run into this very same issue once the or 28.0.2 update is performed by other 32 bit users. Have fun with that.

I’ll check back in a few weeks once [Bug]: Composer dependencies require a 64-bit build of PHP · Issue #43157 · nextcloud/server · GitHub is hopefully confirmed to be fixed in the 27 channel.

For anyone that runs across this thread, an update can be found here.