Login page not shown properly on 32-bit browsers

I have latest server and can’t display the logon page with a 32 bit or out an of date browsers Like what’s running on Windows XP era.

Was running Nextcloud Version 12 on P4 3 GHz 512 MB ok. Version 15 is ok too.

I have tried various browsers.
The one Im testing at this moment is mypal.

I am testing a Intel Atom N2800 x686 2 GB 40 GB ESSD based netbook with Linux.
I have just installed WattOS R 10 32 bit.

The Build in browser shows logon screen.
Will test later on but look ok able to login.

I think this thread is inappropriate. If you want to solve a problem, feel free to open a separate thread. Write also all important information e.g. your Nextcloud version. Which Nextcloud version do you use at all? You know that only Nextcloud versions 24 and 25 are supported? And what do you want with Windows XP or an outdated browser? What is the point of all this? I think you will get little support for completely outdated software.

wattOS based on Debian. To solve problems with wattOS search for Debian. You can also install normal Debian with e.g. LXDE desktop (wattOS uses LXDE). it is risky to use distributions like wattOS, as they are often managed by only one person. If you like i can create you a smokingwheelsOS :grinning:


If you check the bugtracker, there are plenty of websites not working.

Nextcloud is working constantly to improve the interface and adopt to new technologies on current browsers (FF, Chrome, Edge). More exotic ones are very likely not tested.

I understood that it might be more about reusing old hardware, and therefore the need of more lightweight software like in the old days.

Me and my friends can only buy/afford outdated scrap PC’s from the local rubbish tip for $5.00 each, no warranty.
I have setup a servers with an old ADSL modem because sites have no working internet.

No problem about using “old” hardware, this is a good thing to recycle old running PCs. The planet will thanks you :wink: Better than destroying running hardware :slight_smile:

If you don’t really need Windows software, I can encourage you to install a fresh Debian for example, to have an updated OS in your PC.

That said, about the “logon page”, are you thinking about the background image on the logon page ? Mine has gone when I’ve updated the Nextcloud server version to 25. So I had to re-upload it in the admin panel, and now it shows nicely.

On an old smartphone with Firefox OS, the index page is not showing good. The browser in this OS is absolutly outdated, and it’s not possible to update it because the Firefox OS project has been stopped by Mozilla. So it’s hard to complain about Nextcloud… they use modern scripts, modern code languages, old browsers can’t execute those new things… And it’s better about security to use a modern and updated browser.

On your old hardware, you can try those Linux distributions with Live CDs or Live USB keys, to be sure it’s running fine :wink:

Its there but thats all you get.

Not my hardware.

There is no internet onsite not needed.

Yes I have burnt a DVD of Debian live 11, but there is the education issues with a new computer OS.
She stopped at Windows 7 after learning XP.

Why not ?
If your hardware is able to run windows xp, it can run Linux…

Not necessary about internet, but security softwares inside the OS and the browser needed to run nice a 2023 web interface, like Nextcloud needs…

It will be hard for people who want to stay with old knowledge, computer world is always updating… and if you don’t want to learn a little, it will be hard to do anything year after year… Good luck

Why are you not testing a 64 bits Linux distro ? This CPU looks like ok…
It can become a cool Nextcloud server too… Updated :wink:

What are you using in Nextcloud ?
Only file sync between PCs ? You can set up Syncthing, it will be more light for your server :wink:

I use it mainly as a backup device for many years now.
I use it to replicate my many QB64 BASIC programs between many pc’s Win/Linux. Saves a lot of time.
I trying it as as a Media server. Saves a lot of time you don’t have to copy each file to a different box.
Recently I tested remote site to home via a Nextcloud hosted VPM for video and pic footage of a birthday party with just a spare phone and there Windows computer 200 km away.

The latest project…
I am editing and processing the data 200 km away at home to create a DVD memory to share with family and friends.

Thinlink works well see https://help.nextcloud.com/t/install-with-a-thinlinc-server-has-anyone-tried/33749/2?u=smokingwheels