Unable to specify destination calendar for events

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I’m completely stumped. I see no way to specify which calendar an event belongs to. I don’t typically use the web UI for adding events (typically Thunderbird, which is also having issues - can only add to one calendar.) Please see below:

What am I missing?


it should show above the date selection. are the calendars on the left actual calendars or subscriptions of .ics URLs?

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I know for certain Personal and Health are full calendars as I’ve been adding to them for years. I.T may be its own calendar as well, I hardly use it though. I think the contact birthday calendar is autogenerated, and the Google Shared calendar is imported.

If you have two or more writeable calendars the selection should show. This smells like a bug. Please report it at Issues · nextcloud/calendar · GitHub.

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Hi Christoph, thank you for engaging and sending me in the right direction!

For anyone coming across this, I believe the issue may be that I created a task list instead of a calendar. Even though these appear as calendars, you’ll be unable to add any events to them. I think I may at least open a bug report to see if we can convert task lists into calendars.

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