Unable to add calendar events on IPAD and mobile

[details=“Touch Screen Does Not Respond When Using Calendar”]

However, when using the integrated Rainloop client the screen responds.

This makes it unable to add new calendar events on those mobile devices.

Unfortunately your posting is missing essential information, like the used software versions or or how you’ve set-up access to the server. You’re also not providing information if you’re using the default iOS Calendar app or if you’re accessing Nextcloud in a browser. This makes it impossible to help you with your request.
I was able to synchronize my calendar in the past on iOS devices, by following this description:


Thank you for your prompt response, that is appreciated. My first time on these forums - but no excuse for omitting the fundamentals.
The Nextcloud version is 15.07 and the issue is with browsers on mobile and IPad. I have tested on LG70 mobile and Oppo A73 both Android moniles. I have not attempted to use platform dedicated clients.
The nextcloud app opens in the browsers and links for contacts, rainloop, etc work. Sidebar menu for calendar works. However, it is not possible to select a day and subsequently then to create an event as the days don’t respond to touch.

I second this. Same result - NC16, latest Calendar app. iPad 9.7 latest version.

seems as if an issue was already filed on github

plus there is another thread about it here on the forum