Severe Mobile Issues - No create and update of events possible

Hi everybody,

I had to shutdown an old Owncloud-Installation (v8 or 9) recently, where the calendar app was still used.

I exported the calendars form the old setup as ics, and imported the calendars into Nextcloud 16 calendar app, which worked flawlessly btw!

BUT what on earth happend to the usabilty of the current calendar app (1.7.0) on mobile devices?

It’s not possible to create a new event by clicking on the day number, nor is it possible to update or save an event because the buttons in the sidebar are below the viewport, and it’s not possible to scroll.

I’m sorry to say, but that renders the whole app pretty much useless!

I encountered this problem on all mobile devices like iPad, Galaxytab, and multiple Android smartphones.

Here is a bug report about this severe issue:

Can anybody shed some light on this?


I posted this Unable to add calendar events on IPAD and mobile
I can edit existing event, but not add new.
Now found your comment.

pls post your server environment, set-up and configuration there to show them that this bug is still open…

plus: if you would post the found github issue as a new answer this would mark the solution here.

um referring to the github issue this is already accepted as a bug… so it’s a known bug. and some dev was already asking for help with the developping.