Translations (Transifex, ...)

I haven’t used any of the services, but I like the idea of helping provide visibility and user feedback to a fellow FOSS project.

As far as i understand Weblate does support some FOSS projects (for free).

But there’s nothing like getting in touch with them and clarify details :wink:


I setup an issue on GitHub at

Hi guys. I’m a translator for Owncloud.

I didn’t try Pootle yet, but via screenshots it looks like more complicated to use for grandmas. I tried Weblate demo, and it looks like transifex for some parts, and better for other (a link to the source where the string is so useful !)

IMHO, you will lose some translators if you migrate on another tool, but it is not a problem because new-ones will come quickly. It’s important to keep a “quick and easy to use” tool for translations : we often have few free time to check translations or add new-ones.

+1 for Poodle and +1 for Transifex.

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I just setup Transifex and imported the existing translations from the server.

Feel free to ask to join a language team. Currently @jospoortvliet @LukasReschke and I can add you there. Just send us your name on Transifex and we will add you as translator.

I will also setup a cron job to fetch the translation from there and put them into git. After that I will create the translation hooks for all the other apps.

Happy translating! :champagne: :tada:


As I don’t know where else to put it, I can post it here as well: what is the purpose of the “en_GB” translation tree? Is it only copy&paste from the original, or does it indeed feature British English while the original presumably is done in US English?

On a sidenote for everyone interested in translating into German: there are two trees available for German:

“German (de)” is featuring the personal Variant (“Du”)
"German (Germany) (de_DE) is used for the formal variant (“Sie”)

For most text-only purposes, en-US is understood by en-GB speakers, though American spelling can grate. Where things are different, such that translation is important, is with, for example, dates:


There can be critical confusion with something like 03/05/2016 – is that the 3rd of May or the 5th of March?

Time is generally 12hr+[AM|PM] for en-US, compared with 24hr for en-GB.

I haven’t looked at Nextcloud language files, so it may not be applicable here. Certainly, if the language file includes, e.g., PHP date or time format strings, then en-GB is important.

Aside from all that, my clients who move from Windows to Linux desktops are delighted that things are spelled correctly. It’s good for perceived value.

It’s always nicer when the software you use spells things the way you do and there are a few faux-amis, although I don’t think there are many in the Nextcloud UI.

Hi, I used to coordinate ownCloud Korean translation on Transifex, and just joined the Nextcloud team (username there is also peremen). Given that new Korean translators are still sending join request on ownCloud Transifex, I want to redirect users to here as soon as I got the required permission.

Done :slight_smile: Thanks for joining

As transifex is now set up it would be nice to get some reviewers for the translations. A review locks the translation so that only permitted people can change it. I would be happy to add people there, but I don’t know who wants to help out there. I can also add people as language coordinators. That means, that they could add translators and reviewers themselves.

Especially for the German translations it would be helpful to have reviews as there is an informal translation put at “de” and a formal translation available at “de_DE” and this is not that widely know. For now I added @mar1u5 and @rakekniven as reviewers to that team, but feel free to ping me, so I can add people as reviewers/coordinators. Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

Please count me in for German and English. I’d be delighted to help out.

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I’d be happy to help out with English (native speaker).

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Then we will ask you directly on github for newly added stuff :wink:

Hi @MorrisJobke,
is there any update on the automatic push Transifex->Android repo for translations and Android repo->Transifex for Englisch master? is this already working? :slight_smile:

Not yet, was planned for today. Yesterday I set this up for the server. :wink:

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I would help for the German translation too.


@Andy It is now properly set up:

It even is a signed commit :wink: This one is mostly about changes of the syntax and whitespaces (UTF-8 vs utf-8 and stuff like that).

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Hi everybody,

just a short ans small call to action. If you can translate to it would be awesome if you could help out with the Android app translations (and of course all others too!). Since we released the release candidate v1 of the upcoming stable release it would be great to get some more languages to 100% translation :slight_smile:

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Hi, my Transifex account is ‘yuhr123’, I want to help NextCloud in Chinese simplified.