Translations (Transifex, ...)

Hi there,

How are translations work in the future? Will you be working with Transifex?


Transifex was the tool before already, I assume we continue using it, unless there is a better choice?

Using transifex, but forking owncloud to nextcloud there as well, or?

I can recommend crowdin, cyanogenmod is using this service, too

But I never used Transifex, that is why I can not compare both tools.

Since we are used to Transifex, we will continue to use it.

It’s a bummer that it’s not open source anymore. But neither is Crowdin – and looking at it the interface of Transifex seems a lot more modern.

If something open source comes along which has similar quality to Transifex, we can consider switching to that. :slight_smile:

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@jan the criticism of Transifex can be said about Github as well; yet, we are on Github and not Gitlab. We will likely be using Travis for CI, rather than Jenkins. Nextcloud is a tool for a specific field; we shouldn’t be reimplementing infrastructure to host it. SaaS is actually a great solution for programs like ours.

Yeah I agree with the sentiment: Use the tool to fit the job without doing the job yourself. Except were this would better fit the job. Still having an eye on open source alternatives is a good stand point imho.

The translations should be well on the home page itself.
Not all people can perfect Engtlisch, since there are also students wish who like private security, but understand no technical English.

do you mean the translation of the homepage itself or do you mean that the translation of Nextcloud should be managed on the homepage?

First i mean the homepage self.
If it were possible, in synchronization of the database, of course, the translation of the software also.

Hi all.

What about Weblate???

I’ve used both and while i can’t say that one is better than the other, i couldn’t stop suggesting it…

Weblate is a great service!!! :slight_smile:


Let me know if you need someone for transifex support. Specially german support.

I worked on transifex for Greek. Not sure what’s the situation now that it’s closed.

I propose weblate and zanata.

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Hello @iosifidis
Have met you on influitive, or?

Closed? just logged in at Transifex? Did I miss something?

@rakekniven yes influitive. I was doing tasks like crazy :wink:

Working on transifex meaning translating.
I prefer more open platforms for translations. That’s why I proposed those 2 (weblate, zanata).

Just like the code will stay on Github to lower the barrier to entry, it will probably make more sense to stay on Transifex and notify all translators instead of trying to get them to join another platform.


…and I believe, open source, too…


Having used all three before Transifex, Pootle and Weblate, I see would argue that Weblate and Pootle have also practical benefits, not just because they are FOSS.

Transifex tends to be a bit slow and tedious, so I usually end up pulling the .po file and editing it in Lokalize even for drive-by translating. Pootle is already in this regard nicer to use, but I think Weblate has an even faster and easier to use interface.

My vote in this order – higher up on the list is better:

  1. Weblate
  2. Pootle
  3. Transifex

Well… if i were to vote, i would also vote on Weblate!


With Weblate, would we be running our instance or paying for the hosted instance? If it’s easy to migrate from Transifex, we should support FOSS.