Translate commercial app "sendent" or not


today a lot of new strings came in at Transifex.

More than a hundred belong to the resource “sendent”.

After scrolling through the strings I got the impression that this is commercial, closed source content.

Website at confirm the product is commercial. They providing a free version to test it. Not sure about it’s limitation.

The website does not provide any link to the source code or it’s license.

Does anyone have some details about sendent?

If it is commercial and closed source then it should not be part of the project at Transifex IMHO.
I locked the resource at Transifex until we have some details about it.

At the website of sendent they write about a Partnership with Nextcloud. @jospoortvliet Do you have any knowledge about code and license?

@Valdnet FYI. I have seen you already added issues.

Yes. I started translating but stopped after a few text strings about the license and seeing the home page of the app. I just wanted to contact you about this. In my opinion, if it is a commercial project, it should not appear for volunteer translators.

The website does not provide any link to the source code or it’s license.

@rakekniven See the Sendent-App-for-Nextcloud repository on GitHub. There is no information about the application license.

afaik there was a free version…

Ok, this is the server side. To use it you need an Outlook-Addon, or?

Yes. According to the developer’s description, it serves as an Outlook add-on.

According to the information posted on the developer’s website, it is payable.

You can download the free version here, but unfortunately with some limitations. It is also available for download in the Nextcloud Store.

Should we translate this application in this case?

We should have clarity on the licence. Then with pleasure.

btw. the commercial model is not clear for me. Need to read web pages more in detail.

My 2 cents (as a non-translater):

Free software can be commercial, too (for example the Deck, Notes and News Android app).
I therefore would be glad if the decision was based on the license of the code. :wink:

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You are absolutely right. The license is the decision maker.


@Siggi0904 Hier kommen die 100 offenen Strings her. Gruß

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Okay, thanks for the info.


I am the developer behind the Outlook plugin itself (Sendent) and worked on it ever since the beginning of the Outlook integration.

We recently made the Nextcloud app translateable. That app of course is AGPLv3.

Regarding the Outlook client itself that is not part of the Transifex translations. We still and will always offer a free version. Currently we are at v3 but the feature-set is the same as offered initially in 2017: Secure Outlook add-in is now available for testing in free-as-in-beer version. For now we are keeping that code closed-source.

You might ask yourself then what are the benefits of combining the Nextcloud app ( with the free version?

The app it firstly meant as a GPO for all the connected clients. The general settings work (language, cursor location, add date to path, debug mode) and at the very bottom you will find the retention assistant. Now this is probably not well documented, but basically it will automatically clean-up all your shares that have expired after an X amount of days. This works with the free versions as well.

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@rakekniven What are we doing with this project? We unlock?

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Hello @usselite,

thanks for the feedback.

As far as I can see, the repository GitHub - Sendent-B-V/Sendent-App-for-Nextcloud has no licence details.
You wrote that the server app is under AGPLv3. Please adjust the licence.
An example can be seen in the server repository at GitHub - nextcloud/server: ☁️ Nextcloud server, a safe home for all your data (file COPYING has to be added).

As soon as this is done, I will unlock the resource on Transifex again and the translators will get going :woman_office_worker:.

It’s a pity that the Outlook add-on is not open source :sleepy:.

I just read your terms and conditions and from my understanding this document does not reflect the AGPL v3 licence for the server app as well. Do you agree?

Hello @usselite ,

how to proceed here? Do you have some time to add the AGPLv3 license to the GitHub repo?