This is a teaser, stay tuned!

Next week we have some exciting news, coming in a Tuesday announcement :gift: with Wednesday a live video stream / Q&A at 5PM Berlin/8AM California :movie_camera:

I’ll share when, where and about what on Tuesday.

Stay tuned. Speculation is allowed, but I won’t give hints :see_no_evil:


ok… i do some speculations…

  • you’re gonna announce you’d buy owncloud
  • you’re gonna announce you baught google :slight_smile:
  • you’re happy to announce 1 mio new clients and thus invite the forum for free beer… :smiley:
  • cooperation with a government
  • switch tech stack to ruby on rails and server side rendering / hotwire

maybe 1) is more likely

  • European Gaia-X collaboration platform based on Nextcloud goes live (until now readonly according to blog)

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Yeah, and free shirts for us. Really like to drop my old oc shirt :grinning:


As long as they don’t rewrite the core in JS or somthing I’m game :upside_down_face:

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Sale of the Deck Android app :yum:?

“We’re proud to announce that Nextcloud has been acquired by Google. This will allow us to bring exciting new features to Nextcloud, such as excellent integration with Google products such as Docs, Sheet and Forms. And your data will…errr…be safe. We think.”

Just kidding! (I hope) :sweat_smile:


An Deck App for iOS :yum:

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Not by us but maybe use and support ?


One guess:

23 announcement.

Announcing a good working photo app because that is why many users installed Nextcloud?


and every EU citizen given access.


Have a look at this;

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I admit I’d be happy if there was some focus on decent phone integration. Transparent sync of phone contacts and nextcloud contacts being the big one for me.

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For me DAVx⁵ (available on F-Droid and Google Play) does this job excellently. It allows contacts and calender synchronization.


Nextcloud now officially supported on TrueNAS?

However, any other guess or feature would be more exciting.

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Shouldn’t be an issue anymore on the upcoming TrueNAS Scale. :wink:

Did you read the rss as well?

For TrueNAS users this will be exciting :wink: