Stuck on Step 3 when updating from 18.0.6 to 19.0.1

I’m trying to up 19.0.1 from 18.0.6 (running in unraid) and I get presented with this screen when I click on the open updater button. I’ve waited and tried to refresh the screen multiple times but it’s been stuck at this point for the last 3 days now. Any ideas what I can do?

Many thanks as always guys.


step 3 screen

Hi @Ray_Fielding

do you have access (on file level) to your installation? If yes, please check if there is a file at /path/to/nextcloud/data/updater-<randomstring>/.step. Here, <randomstring> is a random combination of numbers and characters.

If you find this .step file, delete it and open your updater page again.



Thanks simonpsa - it worked a treat!

Same here, but in version 20. I dnt have this .step into www/nextcloud/data
Any solution?
Thanks in advance!