[SOLVED] Does Markdown Editor no longer work?

Markdown Editor 2.2.0 is not working for me with Nextcloud 18.0.3.
The usual “Text” application does not seem to have changed :

There is something special to do ?

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The reason - this app is dependent on “Plain text editor” which was removed from NC (I guess in place of the newer “Text” app?).

At this time, to get the Markdown app working again you can follow these steps: https://github.com/icewind1991/files_markdown/issues/135

Then enable “Plain text editor” in HOME_URL/settings/apps

I wasn’t able to find this ticket myself. So it will probably be useful for other users.
Thank you ! :slight_smile:
I hope, these two applications come back with Nextcloud 19 because they offer a lot more functionality !

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