Share notes / Tasks with other users

There are some good apps for notes and tasks out there, for example
Jtx board
Nextcloud tasks
Nextcloud notes

But i’m not sure, how to share notes or Tasks with other nextcloud users.
Do i need to share the files directly with nextcloud files or is there a integrated share function in these apps because i dont see anything like this .

Thanks so much.
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Notes cannot be shared from the notes app, but they can be shared from the files app. Start by reading the sharing documentation.

Sadly not possible in tasks app. See this feature request. You can share cards in the Deck app, which is similar (but not exactly the same).

No idea, JTX Board is a newer app. Also worth noting it is not developed by the core team.

There is not, as mentioned above. :heart:

Hi Just,
Thanks a lot.
Just one question

For the tasks app. I dont want to assign tasks or subtasks to users (thats what the github Feature Request is about).i just want to edit tasks together.

But if i understand you correct, that is not possible too, isn’t it?

My experience has been to use the Deck app for collaboration. Test it out vs tasks (which has only worked for one user at a time).

Deck cards can appear in tasks… perhaps that would allow editing from tasks side.

There is also openprojects.