How to share the Task App with others?

How to share lists or the whole app with others?

Pls help

Tasks are usually stored in a a CalDAV record. If you share a calendar with others they should be able to see the tasks too.

When I copy the link and put the link in Firefox this is the result:
This is the WebDAV interface. It can only be accessed by WebDAV clients such as the Nextcloud desktop sync client.

You cannot open a CalDAV share in Firefox. You have to share a calendar within Nextcloud, so that other Nextcloud user can see it. These contacts have to use the task app in Nextcloud, select the relevant calendar and should then be able to see the existing tasks.
If you want to see the tasks in an external application, like Thunderbird/Lightning, you have to subscribe to the shared calendar and can see and edit the tasks within the Lightning tasks app.

Is it possible to add a new user and give him access to the tasks?

Why shouldn’t this be possible? Try it out!

To work together on tasks?

Don’t ask, try it out! That’s the only way to make sure that it works as you expect it.

Is there someone in this forum who knows How-to?

I have no time for heuristic methods like Trial & Error!

Then RTFM?
@j-ed already mentioned that Tasks are stored in calendars, so you need to share the calendar that hosts the tasks.

calendar sharing can easily be done in the calendars app.

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Funny how this seems such a difficult thing to grasp:

(and how people are unable to use the search function :stuck_out_tongue: )

and how people forget why forums exist: to help each other. If your answer is ‘search it’, or ‘RTFM’, you have completely misunderstood what fora and communities are about and it is better not to answer at all to safe yourself and your readers the time.

  1. make a new calendar in the calendar app.
  2. A tasks list with the same name as the calendar will be created
  3. Share the calendar with any (new or old) users who have an account on your Nextcloud.
  4. Users can now see (and edit if you gave them that permission) the tasks in the task list in the webinterface.

To use the task list offline, or in apps, you’ll have to add the caldav URL to your app of choice and sometimes (like on Android) install a separate task-app.

The steps to achieve what you want are indeed not logical and straightforward and it is good that you ask here on the forum. Maybe it incentives devs to make this feature more end-user friendly.


thx very much for this little explain dosch. best to spread good info for others.

the tasks - cal link was also not clear to me. i suppose nc is introducing a lot of existing tools to ppl who haven’t necessarliy used them beforehand.