[Solved] Shared Tasks - Am I Missing Something?

Am I missing something here?

I installed tasks today and it seems that all lists I create (other than the personal) is shared with others.

Also, and more importantly for my purposes, it seems the only the creator (owner) of a task list can edit or mark the task complete.

I would prefer a little more granular control here. I should be able to designate a task list as belonging to a group and I would prefer to be able to designate whether members of the group can mark them as complete.

I guess the workaround is create a common user called taskgroup or the like but that’s obviously got it’s drawbacks.

Anyway, I mainly just wanted to confirm whether or not I am missing something or not.

Task Lists seemed to be shared only if the list is named the same as a group? So there seems to be no way to create multiple Task Lists with the same group?

On my install only the creator can edit or mark a task complete even if the group can see it?

Confirmation of behavior and-or help much appreciated.

Task based on the calendar functions. So if you shared your calendar, you shared the tasks also.

Just configure it over the corresponding calendar. :wink:

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Tasks are linked to calendars (not entirely intuitive, but a result of the use of the CalDAV standard), thus by organizing and sharing calendars you should be able to do most of what you want.

Edit: Haha too late :wink:

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Thanks GunnarO and Krischan that did the trick!

Constructively. Yeah if you install calendar and tasks together and start using them at the same time it actually is fairly intuitive. The problem was I installed calendar a month or so ago and just started on tasks the other day. That’s why I didn’t realize the two were so closely linked.

If Calender listed the number of tasks pending (or something like that) it would be a helpful visual clue.

Thanks again for everyone that works on this project and answers questions!

I’ve installed tasks (first) and then (calendars) on NC 14.
How to share a task list? I guess I’m missing something obvious.

Did you actually read this topic?

If I needed help reading I’d either head back to school or get glasses. The answer to your observation is “yes”. As part of “actually” reading rather than just dropping a question on a board - I’ve explored the APP before installing - which included looking for the developers documentation (have I missed something? - I couldn’t see this) and then searched for and read this apparently relevant post. I wanted to understand if there was, for example, a particular order to install to avoid issues. So - my apologies if this sounds a little irritated - but yes, I’ve done a little homework.

Perhaps you too should re-read the post and see how much sense it makes e.g “Tasks are linked to calendars” - Ok so the two are linked but what does that actually mean for a user?

When I create a task list should that appear as a calendar for example?

I’m very happy to read - if there is somethign to look at :smiley: Thanks for your help.

Sorry to say, but it is very clearly explained above. It doesn’t matter which order you install things, you are clearly overthinking this. If you would just try it like explained above you would have seen that it is easy.

In the NC backend there is a DAV server called SabreDAV that manages all the DAV components. One of them is called CalDAV, which is both the calendars and linked tasks.
There are now two separate viewers one for the calendar and one for the tasks, but both reference the same dataset. However only one of them (calendar) includes the share feature, as traditionally CalDAV is mainly about calendars and tasks are just a supplementary feature.

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Krischan - thanks for the reply. Sorry for being a bit abrassive :frowning:
Thanks for the explanation. I need to work with it a get a bit more familiar with how the share works.

I am have looking at Tasks a little more but still cannot achieve a share with other users.
Under the Tasks - tic icon - I am looking at three (what I assume to be) calendars (“Today”, “Week” and “All”).
This is then followed by a “Personal” task list and four others I’ve created. Each Task list have four associating menu options i.e., edit, link download and delete.

I want to share one of these task lists I’ve created with another user.
Please someone explain the way to do this?

No, you got that totally wrong :frowning:
(“Today”, “Week” and “All”) are just filters.

The “Personal” task list and four others you have created are the calendars & task-lists combined.

You should have the same in the calendar app! If you open the calendar app and share one of these, than ALSO the task-list will be shared as it is the same thing.

Ok, yes it’s clicked now :smiley:
The tasks are filters on the existing calendar. I was still thinking tasks were implemented as calendars but were separate.
Thanks - this explanation got me what I wanted - share task list that others can see and edit.

I’m looking for reminders here, too. It is pretty normal for task apps to have some kind of reminder. Is there a way to set that here?

Not sure. I am mainly using it with DAVdroid and OpenTasks and there you can set reminders etc. but I don’t think the web app supports it.