Can another user access a note I shared through files?

I read through this: Share notes / Tasks with other users and I understand that even though it seems like I can add another user to a note from the web interface, that won’t give them access to the note in their phone notes app.

But if I share the same note using the files app in the web interface, is there a way for them to access it from their phone’s “Notes” app?

I use notes a ton for packing lists and summer scheduling, and I would love for my spouse to be able to access, add to, and update those notes from his phone. These notes are shared with him, via the “sharing” settings in both files and notes. But he doesn’t see them in his notes app.

I view and edit notes from the Android app as well as the web interface and I’d like my spouse to be able to do the same. Is there a good way to facilitate that?

The note will be accessible under their files app directly.

Only the user’s local directory (/notes) assigned to their notes app is accessible from notes clients from their account.

Side note: The target user can move the incoming shared folder or note in his/her /notes directory to make it also accessible and editable within the target users Notes app (as well as Notes Android app).

And those changes would be reflected back to the sharing original user after moving note location?

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This was very helpful! I did some testing and was able to make this work. Sharing individual notes is a bit easier than sharing folders but I decided to go the folder route so that I can add additional notes to shared folders as necessary. These were my steps:

  • :older_woman:t2: In the Android Notes App, I edited individual notes to add them to a category (I can’t see where I would do this in the web interface)
  • :older_woman:t2: In the web interface Files app, I found the folder for that category in my Notes folder. I used the “Share” option to share the folder with my spouse.
  • :man_detective: In a private window, I logged in as my spouse (with his consent, duh). I looked in his Files app and found the folder I had shared.
  • :man_detective: I used the “Move” dialog to move the shared folder into his Notes folder.
  • :man_detective: Still logged in as my spouse, I hopped over the the web interface Notes app and made an edit to one of the notes.
  • :older_woman:t2: On my own web Notes app and Android Notes app, I confirmed that i can see his edits reflected.

Thank you for the tip, @stefan-niedermann