Secure Outlook add-in is now available for testing in free-as-in-beer version


@blu-IT Hmmm, that is not wanted. I will put it on the list as well to improve the error handling when an upload fails for some reason.

As for now it is not possible to set this path. I can make it a variable however that the beginning ‘Outlook/Public-share or Outlook/Upload-Files’ can be set. However the add-in auto generates unique share names. Solving that won’t be as easy. Is this what you meant?

Editing the HTML code is only possible in the Enterprise version. Regarding to the local language support for the snippet itself, it can be added. Another list item :slight_smile:



Regarding the path:
From the point of view of accessing the files (with full access to the folder “Outlook”) later on, it would be nice to have more influence on the structure. For now I can see a date and unique names, but handling lots of documents with customers isn’t easy that way. I have to check my e-mails to investigate when a special document was sent/shared with that customer and than navigate back to nc and try to find the correct folder.
So, some more possibilities to define (maybe also different paths/folders out of “Outlook” for each email) surely would be nice.


Would it be an option to add the logo inline so it is not loaded externaly?
Another idea, you could fetch the logo from the nextcloud installation e.g. ./core/img/logo.png thus it’ll come from the same domain.



@codec @usselite:

I did a short test and I can confirm that behavior of Thunderbird.




I’m sorry, another short question:

When selecting a file for upload, I can define a expiration date but not a password. This is automaticly generated an copied into the email.

I this a wanted behavoir of the addin?




@codec I will look into it, having a phishing notification is unwanted.
@blu-IT Hmmm. I understand. The Activity app in Nextcloud itself might help you some on that part for now. I rather not make the creation of folders to complicated, so I need to think about that on to solve that.
That is right, we choose for setting the manual password as a Enterprise future. The automatic generated password will entirely respect your password policy though.



OK, thanks again for your effort!
I also have to think about what kind of concept regarding the path/folder structure would really make sense.

Again: Thanks for your effort, that software and your will to accept constructive feedback! :raising_hand_man: :+1:



Hi everybody,

We are testing Nextcloud for replace Owncloud in our company. We want to use the Outlook Add-in to place attachments in Nextcloud to reduce the size of emails

But, the Outlook Add-in does not work. He is connected to the Nextcloud Server, but the button (Advanced, Share Files) are inactive (Server HTTP / local domain).

We test on: Office 2010 / 2013 and Windows 7 / 10 x64.

Since we are a big company, should we use the company version? For testing, we use the free version (which has fewer features).



i’m gonna ping @usselite for you… he’s the maintainer of said app …


@SebCHB the free edition does not limit you in that way. You can contact me through PM and I am happy to look with you. If possible please provide some screenshots on how it looks for you.


@codec I embedded the logo now, it won’t be loaded externally anymore :).
Next week I will post a new build which also contains French translations.

I looked into the setting the folders (Outlook/Upload-Files / Public-share) I will add it as a variable.
As the unique folder thing remains an issue I have to extend the current way it handles these things.

Also I am looking (slowly) into integrating the Nextcloud activity data/app and integrating that with e-mails which have been send. So you can see this e-mail had some share activity or not. I don’t know if that would be a future which would be interesting? :slight_smile:


Can you upload it here? Link:

It would be awesome to have it in one place so people can find the latest version easily.


@usselite I am looking forward to test the new version.
Thanks for your effort.


New (beta) build version

What’s new?

  • Track the activity of your shares (activity app needs to be enabled). It is disabled by default, see below on how to enable it.
  • Customize the default upload folders (e.g. change /Outlook/Upload-Files/(date)/(uniqueid) to /Hello/(date)/(uniqueid))
  • Embedded the inserted Nextcloud logo in the e-mail.
  • Disable settings / advanced settings (for administrators).
  • Fixed bug in migrating old settings.

How to setup/enable some new features:
Activity feature:
This is a test, the stream is limited for now. Previous acquired results are not saved. What may happen once the activity stream gets to long some of the earlier archieved activities get ‘lost’ and the add-in will report there has been no activity. This will be adressed in the feature. Localization is also not available.

  1. To enable the activity feature navigate in the registry (regedit) to ‘Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NextcloudOutlookFE’.
  2. Modify the value ‘DisableActivity’ to ‘False’.
  3. Restart Outlook

You will find the activity menu from here:

Customize default upload folders
The given path will always be created. Let’s say for a user the path /example/test/1/ doesn’t exist the add-in will create it for you. In the folder ‘1’ the usual current date will be created and within the unique file share id.

– example
— test
---- 1

Make sure your paths always begin with a ‘/’ (no quotes) and end with ‘/’.

  1. To enable the activity feature navigate in the registry (regedit) to ‘Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NextcloudOutlookFE’.
  2. Modify the value ‘pathUploadFiles’ to your path e.g. ‘/UploadFiles/’ (default is ‘/Outlook/Upload-Files/’.
  3. Modify the value ‘pathPublicShare’ to your path e.g. ‘/this/is/an/example/PublicShare/’ (default is ‘/Outlook/Public-Share/’.
  4. Restart Outlook.


I am very interested in the feedback! :slight_smile:

Also working on getting the newer builds on download page. Depending on the feedback of this build (without the activity feature perhaps) this can be uploaded.


@usselite I can confirm, the new version is no longer triggering the Phishing-Filter in Thunderbird. :+1:



@usselite fyi


Is the plugin thought to be working within Outlook 2007 at all? I’ve installed it. It shows up as deactivated plugin. I am not able to activate it.
Any hints?


@codec I have not tested the add-in with Office 2007. Could you try the link below and PM me your results?, once you do those steps try enabling the addin. Thanks!


@usselite I’ve send you my findings via PM.
Now I am running into a new problem. I’ve installed the add-in on two Win 10 machines with Outlook 2010. On the one machine (mine) it is working perfect. On the other machine the plugin cannot connect to the nextcloud server. I’ve set it up the same as with my own machine but it allways fails saying either the URL or username/password are wrong.
Now I’ve activated the DEBUG mode but cannot find the output of it.

I suppose the firewall of the machine is getting in the way but I’ve already disabled it with no success…
Any tipps??


Can you try white listing the external IP in the brute for protection app? You might have to download the app in order to be able to modify the settings. You can find it once installed on your nextcloud server under settings > security when logged in as an admin.