Safe to upgrade to php8.1 in nextcloudpi?

I’m on Debian 11. About a year ago I updated packages and got php8.1. This caused some issues for me logging into the web browser interface iirc.

Anyone know if php8.1 is still causing headaches with nextcloudpi?

That has got nothing to do with php8.1 but with the way you do the upgrade.

You can save yourself a lot of trouble, if you use php-updater as helping tool.


This was the incident in question: “unable to access the webUI for Nextcloud, and Webdav wouldn’t communicate”

Several issues with NCP update and PHP update solution was rolling back php. Wondering if nextcloud pi has caught up and is compatible with 8.1 now.

See feature list:
Nextcloudpi - Feature List

Nice. Thank you!

NOT the solution. PHP8.1 broke HPB service whatever that is. Now I can’t access the NCP web panel or the the nextcloud panel. Rolling back my update and will continue to postpone the updates for another year.

Please post the logs which are shown when you enter the command “ncp-report” into the TUI.

Php should be updated to 8.1 with ncp by now.

I’ll have to try this next weekend maybe. I’m pretty busy on weeknights and I’ve been pretty sick for the last week. And if I run the update I’ll probably have to have time to fix it and restore my backup.

The log file that would have shown this last attempted update is likely gone since I restored the entire partition from a snapshot that the database dir and config files are stored on (I assume this is where the log would be spit out) which is my /home dir.

Where would I find this log file? Is it the log icon in the ncp-control panel web interface in the upper right corner (