Reoccuring error theme: "an if-martch header was specified and the resource did not exist"

HI Folx,

I am wondering because so and so often (every few days) I am running into an error that some file wont get synced. I am usually working with PDF files, they get changed, renamed or ammendet oder whatever and every once in a while a file suddenly wont sync and I get this error message

Precondition failed (An If-Match header was specified and the resource did not exist)

Usually, I can work around by duplicating that file, deleting the old one, changing name etc, but sometimes this doesnt work as well.

Anybody got ideas where to look? Running last version of NC 11


Can you check your server logfiles? Error appears via desktop client, are there any problems on the web-interface?

Did you change the files manually in the data-folder?

other report with same error: Error: server replied: Precondition failed

I did not manually change any files, only working on the files on the computer desktop which is connected via sync client of course.

Didnt see anything in the log files, though I have to look again next time to be sure

I am still continuing to experience that error and frankly I have no clue where it comes from. Any more ideas?

The developers found a bug in the 2.3.2 version of the client:

similar report from NC user:

The error will be fixed in the next version. There is a release candidate out there for testing, the final version will be released soon (next week perhaps??):

@tflidd has showed you the issues logged against it and provided a link to a working release candidate, a release won’t be far off but since you can jump from RC to final there’s no reason not to give it a go.

Just a quick follow up here:

since using the owncloud client 2.3.3 rc2, this error did not reappear on my mac, so it appears to be solved.

However, before I alert my fellow users to update to the rc2, i tried to find out if the official release 2.3.3 for owncloud desktop client or even better nextcloud branded desktop client is imminent to be released, but i couldnt find any information on that. Anybody knows where to find a timetable or knows tentative release date? thanks!