Help testing the new desktop client 2.3.3 rc2

A new release (2.3.3) of the desktop client is expected to be released soon. There have been a few changes especially for the Linux version, therefore it would be great if you can help testing this version.

The client development is still developed by owncloud but the Nextcloud client is identical except for branding. So it is in our interest to help as much as we can.

You can download the client here:

(the testpilot version allows you to install a second client on your system)

Here is the announcement from owncloud:

If you find bugs, the bug tracker can be found here:

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The rc2 version is likely the final version. So it’s the last chance to spot problems before it is rolled out.

I tried to download a Linux client, and it gave me a .com file… can’t run those on Linux that I know of…


I get to this page where you can use distro-packages:

or as testpilot:

I was able to login from the pawn shop and to create a folder and populate it with the required contents. It took about 10 minutes to upload. 289 files. I then logged off which makes the “backup” stable. Unless the client is connected the Cloud contents are stable. In the event of a catastrophe I would empty the source directory and restore from the cloud…

Sound good to you ? Simple & elegant. logging in without deleting the source files would result in the Cloud being updated with current files RIGHT ?

So… the use of this for backup is predicated on the fact that the user is smart enough to avoid copying bad or wrong data.


The 2.3.3 version was finally released:

So it should be only a matter of time until Nextcloud adapts its own themed version.