Release of NC 24 delayed

Hey everyone waiting desperately for the announced release of NC24, already (and all others, too)

There’s some news that I didn’t wanted to keep from you. NC 24 got officially postponed for at least a week or so.

As you can see NC/devs is doing their best to communicate openly to avoid new uproar on the forum :wink:

So please keep your patience. You might need it on other opportunities :laughing:



better having a bug free release than a crashed one.

Maybe nextcloud should drop this release cycle and focus more on quality.


If you release less frequent, there are more changes that go into the code. So you could counter-argue that if they don’t manage to handle all the bugs with the little changes between the versions they have now, how should they cope with much more changes?

Yes, and nobody is expecting it so urgently that they can’t wait a week or so.

And still more time to check if your apps are compatible with NC 24: Any apps not yet compatible with 24?


Where is the official release announcement. is ignoring NC24

Asking as a developer, because it is hard to track the release dates to plan an app release.

Well, @JimmyKater is one of the official voice here. So your official announcement is right here.
He has a shield next to him… most needed for DFTT :slight_smile:

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I think Maintenance and Release Schedule · nextcloud/server Wiki · GitHub is the single point of truth…


it is not …

Sorry. Let me correct the link: Maintenance and Release Schedule · nextcloud/server Wiki · GitHub

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Started a linked discussion topic on a possible way to notify app maintainers.

The problem is simply the lazyness. Start a google search, find an officially document and stop searching. :see_no_evil:

That is ok for the forum, but not for a release planning of an app to keep track with the compatibility. The forum is no developer’s source.

@szaimen directed to the correct source. It is just hard to find/remember, because the Github wiki is a little bit “hidden”. And it’s the eighth google hit; although at least it is on the first page for me. Maybe it is just a personal issue.

Linking the wikipage on all relevant places should do the job.

I guess we should just link to the wiki page in the documentation more obvious and remove the roadmap from the documentation…
What do you think?

That’s what I wanted to say. Additionally a link in the breaking changes issue sound like a good idea too to me.

I have no idea, if the effort maintaining the page is valuable or not. In the first step, I would just add a prominent link link to the current schedule to avoid the dead end there for people like me. :grin:

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The link is already there in the documentation on that page if you didn’t see it :wink:


Turning around and walking away whistling as if nothing happend…

Edit: It is linked twice. TWICE!!! ffs


Thanks for posting this, Jimmy!


Maybe little late (as there is no docker beta release) I updated my DEV instance on docker to NC24.0.0.12 and I have to admit it worked like a charm! congrats!

I’m always ready to wait another week to see stable update supporting all important apps (for me: webauth TOTP, groupfolder and collabora integration). Security scanner detects it as latest release.

I see this a sign of improving quality as learning from the huge issues we suffered shortly. keep going! good job and thank you everybody who was working on this release! :rocket: :handshake: :bouquet:


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