A new RC (NC 24.0.0 RC2) is here, help test!

Hi all,

As was posted by Jimmy, the release was delayed by a week, but another RC is made available. There’s a list of fixes below, but most are to do with performance and scalability - not stability per-se, luckily.

You can get the update on https://nextcloud.com/install (bottom right of the page) or grab it directly from the download server at https://download.nextcloud.com/server/prereleases/

This release is now closed for anything other than regressions - that is, we only fix things that we broke with this new release, we don’t add any new features or fixes for problems that already exist for earlier releases, to avoid causing new problems.

We should be there pretty much, I see only one open PR that is still targeted for 24 - plan is to do another RC tomorrow or Friday. But as I said, if you find any regressions we want to fix those!

So to help us, install the RC or update an earlier instance and click around in Files, edit a Text file, add some people to a Circle, check out a knowledge base article, send an email, accept a calendar invitation, upload a file: check if the basics are working for you!



@just I notice and others posted in the releases sub forum. I could do that too, from now on, with RC’s and such. What do you think? Makes sense, I suppose?


I think posting in #releases would be ideal to track each new release.
@bug-hunters volunteer group is actively tracking that category as well.
We can have those volunteers monitor any tags or categories. So, you could use prerelease tag or help-testif that helps you when posting to #news (and seeking testing)

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