Raspbian php7 to php8 and nextcloud upgrade how to

I am running 25.0.3 with ncp 1.52.0 on a rpi (bullseye) and want to upgrade to 25.0.7 in a first step and later to 26.0.x
As there is no php8 available from bullseye repos (there are 3rd party with 8.1 available), what is the sequence of actions I need to take to successfully run an upgrade?

The upgrade process keeps uninstalling php8.1 and rolling back the upgrade or telling me that no php8 is available.

Thank you for guiding me to documentation about this.

it seems you are seeing similar problems to me, i had been going the way already to update to 25.0.6 but also this went bad… i thought it might be my fault because i had updated php to 8.1 already a while back for some other reason, but it seems to be a general problem then…

Good to see I am not the only one running into this issue.

Can anyone help with suggesting how to avoid that ncp is rolling back php or can we expect a ncp version which avoids this behaviour?

Seems like we need to downgrade PHP to 7.3 and then do the update to 26.0.1.
As mentioned in this thread:

Can anyone give a hint how to avoid nc-update-nextcloud doing this during the upgrade?
Why is ncp rolling back from a recommended (8.1) to a deprecated (7.4) php version?

php7.4-fpm: unrecognized service
Something went wrong while upgrading PHP. Rolling back to version 7.4…
Conf php8.1-fpm disabled.

it seems like we need to do a manual rollback to 7.4, after that we can do the update to NC25.0.6 and further on to 26.0.1, as it is mentioned in the thread i linked, NCP is not supposed to do soemthing like apt-get upgrade on the console or installing a different PHP version manually…

i am actually thinking of moving to a complete self managed installation of nextcloud at some point, or just remove NCP from the system. But this wont happen too soon, for now i am happy to have a running 25.x.x NC version

Looks like the reason for the nc rollback was that one of the apps required >=php8.
Deactivating the app and manually rolling php back to 7.4 solved the situation and the upgrade to 25.0.6 completed successfully.

which App?


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