Quick question - new user- how to install apps

Hi there,

My name is Benji, I am moving from onedrive and I am new to Nextcloud.

So far everything is fantastic except I am having trouble finding out how to install the apps in the nextcloud portal.

My computer system is

OS: Pop OS (latest version 20)
My browser is Firefox (80.0.1 (64-bit))

Nextcloud 2.6.2-1build1.

I would like to install apps like the other users but I am not sure how.

What about using the adminstrator guide to find an answer on your question?! A dedicated chapter is covering this topic. :wink:

Hi there !

thanks yes I tried a few things like that but I cannot see anything when I click the apps or on the side panel either.

It just gives me my settings and files.

I cannot see anywhere it says “apps” to add anything

You have Admin rights? You see right above your account? if you click on it you see +APPS? Then this is your way :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Actually when i click that I only get

1- Upload file
2- Upload folder
3- Upload document
4- Upload presentation

thats it.
Screenshot from 2020-09-13 22-39-04

Sorry, thats not your Account, it is something in files. Look for your Account top right Pic or Icon.
The same way you get the Info in the second pic in the post above


Hi there, yes i cannot see anywhere for apps, sorry if this is a silly question but I have had no luck finding anywhere to add the notes app and joplin app i want

Seems that you have no Armin rights

How do I get admin rights?

The answer is simple, login with an admin account. Due to the fact that you seem to use a customized Nextcloud software package on Pop OS, you should ask the maintainer of the package to tell you how you can login as administrator.

By default Nextcloud provides such an access, but to be honest, without further information about that package, how it has been installed and configured, etc., etc. we cannot give you any further advice on this.


okay. sorry I am a bit confused.

So how do I ask the software maintainer, that would be ubuntu seeing as this nextcloud client was developed for pop_os right?>

It says : Version 2.6.2-1build1. in the client.

Would I ask the pop_os community, I actually created this account with the free hosting package provided for my area.

They were not able to help me either.

The client version is not of any relevance for this problem.

What does that mean? Do you want to tell us, that you aren’t hosting Nextcloud on your own and that you’re using a hosted version of Nextcloud? If yes, please provide DETAILED information which url you’re using to access Nextcloud.

Okay so when I found nextcloud it said to create a nextcloud account to choose either a self hosted or provider, so yes I went with a provider.

The name of the provider is Qcloud data.

I login through here : https://efss.qloud.my/index.php/login

I contacted them and they said they could not help me.

So I need to host my own server it seems,

I hope that is detailed enough.

I think this is an essential information which you should have told us from the beginning instead of wasting time letting us search for a problem which doesn’t exist. If you use a shared-hosting system, the provider decides which apps are available and which are not. If you want to use the full functionality of Nextcloud, you should look for an appropriate hosting package or host your server it locally.


I was unaware of how nexcloud works, sorry to waste your time. I will try not to bother you again. I believe I read that we could upgrade/change the server to another server quite easily through the browser portal, while maintaining the same client and operating system. I also read we can install apps manually to the browser portal.

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For the record I have contact almost every provider that nextcloud offers and none of them were able to provide me with a way or an avenue to take on how to upload the program i wanted (which i paid for from nextcloud). There were 6 providers all around the world I contacted

If you use the search function of this forum you will find several discussions about hosting providers and shared and/or VPS offers, e.g.:

@benji88i it seems you are missing some important details (correct me if I am wrong!)

I have contact almost every provider that nextcloud offers

Nextcloud (meaning Nextcloud GmbH, the firm) does not offer any provider. The providers are indipendent firms, and the list is just a service to the community.

none of them were able to provide me with a way or an avenue to take on how to upload the program i wanted (which i paid for from nextcloud)

it is not clear which program and what you paid for to whom.

The program: the main program is the one that can be installed on a server. Other programs are the clients; there are three main clients (desktop, android, ios) and several other specialized clients. For example on android you find clients for the bookmark app, the deck app, …
There are also some programs that are not really clients yet can use Nextcloud as a place to save data.
The server program is open source and can be downloaded for free; Nextcloud GmbH offers technical suppor on it.
The main cliens are also open source. I download for free all the ones that I use. I am not aware if this is differen on some marketplaces (Google Play Store and the Apple one), but you maybe pay there a few euro or dollars.

What you paid for: given the above it does not seem you paid for one of the programs listed…

to whom it seems that you paid Qcloud data for a managed account. Is it correct?

Consider that the providers can offer very different levels of services. Between the other things, one possible difference is this

  • you are a user of one istance. This means that the admin decides which apps to install and you cannot change that
  • you are the admin of one instance. Here there are several possibilities but typically you can decide mostly by yourself which apps to install (it is rare but possible that some apps ask for some extra software on the server) and often you have the availability of a certain number of users

Clearly these two different services have two different costs.

Hope this explanation has been useful


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Hi there,

I understand the thirdparty provider arrangements nextcloud has with various external parties such as the one I have chosen, in this case qcloud.

I was not aware that nextcloud was so complicated to setup with “the apps” on the portal.

Correct I was given a server from one of the recommended and official nextcloud cloud providers list. I run a maths and physics teaching business and I just wanted to move away from OneDrive because I hate Microsoft so much.

The app I wanted to install is called nextcloud notes

It’s not complicated to install apps at all. The issue is that whatever provider you’re using isn’t giving you full access to the system, most likely because you’re not leasing a full installation on a virtual server, but a user account under their installation. In my installation, self-hosted running on my local computer, I can install apps very easily. For example, I added “calendar” myself, and I think it took 10 seconds because I have a slow internet connection.

I’ve attached some pictures to show what you’re missing because your hosting isn’t giving you full access.