Quick question - new user- how to install apps

Also, congratulations on the wish to stop giving your data to the evil tech monsters. That is how I discovered NextCloud as well. I hope you find a provider who can meet your need if you’d prefer not to self-host. Self-hosting does require a bit of tech knowledge, and a good internet connection if you’re syncing large files (I don’t, so my slow one is fine.) Look for the words “virtual server” or “virtual private server” in the hosting package to be sure that you get the whole banana and not just one slice. :slight_smile: That doesn’t mean you’re leasing the whole server (EXPENSIVE!) but a dedicated virtual instance on a server, which can handle a number of instances depending on usage and capability.

When you have the possibility to install the apps (this means that you self host or that you have a managed server with admin rights), the “setup” of one apps is usually clicking on a button and waiting one minute.

Nextcloud has the core functionality in the server and it can be extended via apps. Here you find a list of the apps: https://apps.nextcloud.com/
This modular structure makes Nextcloud more manageable and allow an admin to add (or remove) functionality. Even some basic tools are apps, even if they are distributed together with the program. For example a typical Nextcloud installation will have the calendar and the contact list,but these functionalities are provided by apps. Several apps are “official” and developed by the same developers of Nextcloud. Several other are not and they can provide more particular functionality (like for example the Openhab Viewer)

In your case you need:

  • a Nextcloud server with the Notes app installed

  • the Nextcloud Notes Android App (you are showing the screen-shots of this last one) on your mobile to access the functionality via android

Let me add that I use a lot the Notes app, also via mobile. I find it really good!

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Thanks so much for the guidance !, I understand the VPS server is the right way to go for as this is a cost effective option? Would that be correct?

Our business low data usage (between 25GB to 50GB). I have contacted numerous providers for nextcloud servers. Does anyone know any providers that could allocate this amount as I feel our business is too small for nextcloud.

All I need is something low cost for documents to be stored and to be able to have these admin rights.

digital ocean offer decent value for money and performance if you want to go down the VPS route. a guide is here.

Thanks Im just waiting for the time difference to give them a call. Really appreciate everyones kind help. Thank you everyone.

Thanks Im just waiting for the time difference to give them a call. Really appreciate everyones kind help. Thank you everyone.

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For your consideration:

you could find useful either the Group folders or the Circles app or both.

Another option to share and collaborate on simple texts could be the Text app (which is a default one)