Cost of nextcloud hosting

My plan is to replace my current tresorit hosting by nextcloud with E2E but I’m wondering hat would be the cost difference. A solo plan is 25 € billed monthly for 2000 GB. How would it cost for self-hosted solution in europe?

Do you want to use it for one user or do you want your own nextcloud instance?

@SmallOne I would like to go to my own nextcloud instance to increase the control i have on my data. It will handle different accounts for the customers and collaborators I have on some projects.

There are a lot of different solutions. Either you get a vps and run everything on your own. For only file sync and no office package you can get around on any vps with 1gb of ram. If you want collabora online as well I would suggest you get one with more ram (depending on how many that will use the office package)

My company’s smallest vps with nextcloud is around 35 euro (30gb space 1gb of ram 1vcpu). I think had a small dedicated for 16 euro. What’s included in what hosting companies provides varies a lot.

The cheapest Hoster that offer nextcloud is Hetzner. Nobody cant offer it cheaper.

That was indeed cheap. But it is shared hosting and not a dedicated vps tho.

I dont read anything about a server only that he want a own instance.

2.000GB with own Server, sorry for 20€ not possible.

He didnt i just wanted to pint that out because for some it might be important. And They do have a traffic limit on them.

hetzner’s serverbörse. but there some restrictions.

if you don’t mind that your data is on s3 compatible storage:

server: 1-S 4€/month
4 x 500GB Object storage 20€/month (plus traffic, maybe)

yup I did the same calcul with ovh. One ssd instance between 2-15 € then 20 € 2GB output (input is free of charge). That should be feasible then :slight_smile:

Personally I like Digtalocean. Very easy to setup with the VM scripts:

even easier if you know cloud-init & user-data. :wink:

works/tested @ aws,digitalocean,scaleway,ovh (hetzner didn’t liked my bash script to install ansible. didn’t fix that yet.)

even easier

Well, it depends. :slight_smile:

The VM scripts have been developed over years and years, ever since back in 2014 actually (when Nextcloud was ownCloud). In other words it’s stable and well proven. Since I didn’t test your setup yet I wouldn’t know about that.

A little bonus is that you get Collabora / OnlyOffice / Fail2ban / Talk / Previewgenerator and much more, easily installed by just choosing “OK” in a menu.

i accept merge requests to improve the setup. :wink:

and you could use an aurora rds at aws. just edit this lines.

to use elasticcache instead of redis should be also possible. just edit

that is to say the playbook could be easy adopted to a ha setup.

one thing i don’t have tested very well is the update of a system. in theory you could rerun the playbook. but i think it’s a bit more complicate.

If you have a fiber connection at home, or another internet connection with enough upstream, you could consider hosting it at home. intelNUC or similar, or powerful ARM board, hard disk, you compensate the hardware price quickly.

You can get servers/v-servers from 20-30€/month but you must manage them yourself (install, manage, upgrade, backup, …). That is also something you have to take into account.

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in how many years?
what about your electricity bill?
maybe you want to add a ups?
would about hw failures? (that is to costs to replace broken hw.)

If you don’t take the cheapest ARM board, you can perhaps set up a system for 300€ (can be even cheaper if you can use existing hardware). For 25€/month, it takes about 12 months. Power consumption depends a lot on usage and system, if you take 10 W average consumption and a price of 0,2 €/kWh, you end up about 20€ per year.

You won’t have an availability and stability like in a data center. On the other hand you don’t have to trust a data center or on the security of their virtualization platform.