OnlyOffice server with no limits (2023)

WARNING. Please check my new topic with updated instructions: OnlyOffice server with no limits (2024) instead of this old one.

This is an special built OnlyOffice server Debian package which increases the default 20 simultaneous connections maximum limit to 99999 connections.

September release:

Changelog 2023-09-22: Updated to 7.4.1-36 version.

Old January release:

Changelog 2023-01-19: Fixed mobile webpages.

Three warnings that you need to know:

  • This is not an official OnlyOffice build. (You can always build it on your own if you want to.)
  • This is meant to be used in conjunction with traditional Nextcloud OnlyOffice app . This is not the same thing as the Community Document Server App which works embedded into Nextcloud.
  • This build does not include Mobile Edit back into it as other builds do.

comparing to community document server available in app store, what is the difference in this deb version?
Does it loads faster than the one provided in app store
Any other benefits over it?

It is a developed version of OO and the community document server in the nextcloud appstore is a source of data loss… Using the deb-install or docker version is much more reliable.

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installation was stopped due to unmet dependencies
now half installed
how to completely remove what ever is installed.
Please guide

can u recommend me another with mobile edit

Good morning, I would like to congratulate you on the project, I had a little difficulty installing it, but now it’s working very well, I’m testing it here at the company.

My main piece of advice is to install official onlyoffice debian package from their repo with 50 users limit and make sure that your installation works as expected.

Then you can install our build deb package and ‘upgrade’ your current package.

Updated this 2023 post with September release which matches 7.4.1-36 version.

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Thank you a lot of this build, works like a charm :+1:

Looks great and works great! Can you unlock the mobile editor in the next release?

That means adding an extra repo and tweaking some files. Not sure we are going to do this.