OnlyOffice server with no limits (2022)

WARNING. Please check my new topic with updated instructions: OnlyOffice server with no limits (2023) instead of this old one.

This is an special built OnlyOffice server Debian package which increases the default 20 simultaneous connections maximum limit to 99999 connections.

Three warnings that you need to know:

  • This is not an official OnlyOffice build. (You can always build it on your own if you want to.)
  • This is meant to be used in conjunction with traditional Nextcloud OnlyOffice app . This is not the same thing as the Community Document Server App which works embedded into Nextcloud.
  • This build does not include Mobile Edit back into it as other builds do.

Works nicely on Debian 11. Thanks for sharing!

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Will you also make a .deb for 7.1 with ARM support?

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do i need to install ready package,
as i tried to install in on my ubuntu 22.04, dependencies are missing.
Plese guide,

We only support Debian 11 for our package.
If you try official Debian/Ubuntu package from OnlyOffice repo and it does not install in your Ubuntu 22.04 you are encouraged to open them a bug.

If they fix bug it might happen that newer releases that we might release in the future (like the one Iā€™m about to release) might even work on Ubuntu 22.04 too.

No, sorry, we have no plans to release any OnlyOffice deb packages with ARM support.

You will have to try to build it on your own.

The new 2023 documentation links from OnlyOffice server with no limits (2023) topic might be useful for that.

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