Nextcloud user manual translation


I think the next question would be, is there a tool to manage translation for such files? Or for possible workaround, and it seems to be possible: with a workaround in transifex.

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And there seems to be a French version already (but without translation tool):

thread on the forum:


For sure the community can translate the rst files directly at GitHub.


But it’s probably very painful to track changes, if we could implement the solution to add this to transifex would probably a better solution.

I don’t know if the procedure to create the files for Transifex, if there is a way in github to implement this or if we need some external robot to run this (I could try the solution in the link with a local repository). At some later point I’d probably need some help from Jos or someone with admin access.


Some other thoughts besides the technical solution with Transifex.

  • How do we handle new NC major releases? Currently it looks like the whole doc for e.g. NC15 will be copied to NC16 and adapted. Will we do the same at Transifex and have subproject for each major release?
  • Is somebody from Nextcloud company in charge for the documentation task? IMHO we need a person to manage the documentation (not the translation).
  • Which language teams have the power to permanently work on translation of the docs? Only a few from my POV. If a doc is only translated e.g. 50% (or any value, tbd) of the doc it should not be published in my opinion.

Any thoughts? @jospoortvliet ?


We’ve discussed this a bunch of times. what essentially has to happen is that somebody sets up an automated mechanism between Transifex, Github and our documentation server. The problem is that right now, our sysadmin-ish resources are very scarce - you probably have noticed the infrastructure issues we’ve been having recently. If any of you has some transifex experience and is willing to help, the best is probably to join the conference and try to sit with morris jobke, roeland, arthur and some others to try and make it happen. I’m not sure, if the doc server is separate infra (from anything that touches on customer stuff), they might even be able to hand over credentials to help set things up…


I hope you can find a good one soon, infrastructure problems like downtime are really impacting the user (and developer!) experience in a negative way.