Nextcloud user manual translation


I’m looking for a Dutch translation of the user manual. Where can I find one for Dutch?
I’d like to add the Dutch translation as default when I create a new user.
If there is no Dutch translation of the .pdf, how can I help to create one?



Nextcloud User Manual/Guide

dag @Hendrik

usually you can find dutch translations for nextcloud (the software and some apps) here

i’m not sure if that would be valid for translation the documentation/manual as well… maybe @rakekniven knows more?

i think this should be solveable by setting dutch as your default language in your /path/to/your/nextcloud/config/config.php

pls add the following line if you want to set nl as your default language on your instance (giving the user to chose his own default language, depending upon the language-setting of the used browser)
"default_language" => "nl",

or if your want to force nl for everyone pls add the following line instead
"force_language" => "nl",

as you could find in the manual, btw :wink:



Thanks for the reply.
I had ‘default_language’ => ‘nl’ already in the config, so that is not the problem. The interface is Dutch unless a user sets an other language for him/her.
The site does not show a User Manual Translation to me. Perhaps I need to join the group…

When creating a new user there are default folders created and a Nextcloud Manual.pdf file. It is the manual that I’d like to have in Dutch for new users. I get a lot of questions about using Nextcloud from less ICT experienced users.

It would also be nice if the default foldernames could be set to Dutch language. I will have a look at the admin manual to see if this can be set in the config.



awww. yes… i see.
well translating the manual is a great idea… i am sure @rakekniven is gonna be the right person who will be able to help you in this case.
and of course it makes real sense to have that in different languages.

afaik there’s a subfolder in your directory-tree called “skeleton” you should find all the files and directories there that used while adding a new user. of course you could change those.
but i don’t know if they would survive an update. could happen that the installer is overwriting it. :-/

sorry that i couldnt be of any more help for you at this point



Hello @Hendrik

currently the nextcloud user manual is only available in english.
Some german guys already requested a translation and offered help, but didn’t succeed.
The discussion is some time ago and the argument was, that the manual is changed a lot and translation would be outdated very soon.
Cannot find link to discussion right now. Maybe @MorrisJobke remembers? Maybe now it is time to translate manual? Nextcloud as a project matured a lot.

Having less time at the moment and will come back later.


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25 contributions this year ( doesn’t look so much. Unless there are new feature, these are mostly cosmetic changes.

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Yes, activity slowed down.
Technically I do not know how to enable Transifex for such content.

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Hello @MorrisJobke new week is here and hopefully you have some minutes to answer this topic. Thx.



This is fully handled by @jospoortvliet - afaik it is purely manual work without transifex in between.



Yes, if you previous links in this thread there have been discussion to bring this to Transifex.

So @jospoortvliet Is Nextcloud project interested to have the user manual translated?
If so it should be a separate project at Transifex like you did for the website IMHO.

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Ok, I would not have expected this answer from Jos.

Up-to-date is not really an issue see comments above.

I am fine with english, but many users are not.

Had a look at the source of one rst file (e.g. and do not know how to connect such files to transifex.

@jospoortvliet: Can you create a new project an Transifex? I am able to add resources but not able to create projects. I will try to play a little and don’t like to use productive projects as playground.



Here is an idea how to handle the problem “manual must be up to date” vs. “manual must be available in many languages”:

  • manuals are online. pdf manuals have a warning on every page “could be outdated, please visit for recent version”.
  • English online manual is “master” and is always kept up to date (that’s already the case)
  • Other online language manuals have a note “this page is up to date” or “this page is not up to date, please see the english version here”, generated automatically
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I underestimated this in the past. I was surprised to see some people who I thought would be fine with English, strongly preferred their native language for manuals.



Is hier nog interesse in? Ik wil graag samenwerken om de volledige User Manual voor gebruikers te vertalen naar het Nederlands en deze beschikbaar stellen voor iedereen.

Voor wie wil kan je me ook contacteren op



It is not possible to translate manual with Transifex.
reStructuredText (rst files) are not supported by Transifex.

@jospoortvliet Can you please remove the project from Transifex? My permissions are not sufficient.



Well, this is more of a call for support. We would use other software.



Can you explain your message? Didn’t get it.