Nextcloud Talk push notifications not working

Hi I am running Nextcloud server 22.0.0 and Talk 12.0.1
The Android app Talk 12.1.2 and IOS Talk both have problems showing push notifications.
The restart of Apache seemed to have fixed the problem for the IOs app but the Android app is still NOT showing notifications of new chat messages.
Please advise.


I’m having the same issue. I’m running notify_push and have appeased the configuration status check - all systems green. My wife and I both use iOS, but notifications aren’t just slow for us, they often don’t arrive at all.

Notify_push doesn’t have to do anything with push notifications for Talk at all… it’s about notifying your sync clients about file changes so that they don’t have to poll for changes so often and reduce server load.

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Is there anyone who knows how to debug Nextcloud Talk notifications on server side?
We are getting no notifications to Nextcloud desktop, Android and IOs clients.


Thanks for clarifying this for me. Do you know who in the Nextcloud community would be able to help debug this issue. So far nobody really feels that the notification problem falls into their area of expertise.
I mean someone must have written the code for this and it’s buggy.
Thanks for your insights.

Same problem for me. No more push notification on Android since Talk 12.x and NC 22.

We are also having the problem of no notifications with the android talk app. Using NC 22, and using the latest android app 12.1.2. Problem exists between two Pixel 4XL phones.


I also want to report my test results:

Nextcloud Server: 21.0.3
Nextcloud Talk: 11.3.1

Only two users in the nextcloud network:
Talk iOS (12.1.0)
Talk Android (12.1.2) (Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro; Android 11; Power saving Mode disabled for Talk)

Talk iOS works perfectly fine.
Talk Android is having problems with the push notifications. It seems to work most of the time but if Talk is closed for a while (some hours) , there are no notifications. Re-open the app does not enable the notifications. The only workaroud for me is to go to the Android settings of Talk and disable and enable the push notifications.
It works fine afterwards.

I was using Talk Android 11.x for several months and never experienced this behaviour with this phone.

Is there any useful testing strategy I could do to help find the problem?

After updating the android app to 12.2.0, the issue still exists.

Same for me. Notifications sometimes arrives at android app but never on iOS one.

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I suggest you to go on the github site to make things happen.
because here there are only people who want to help each other, the developers never come on this site. (based on my experience)

All right so this may or may not be related to ya’ll problem, but a quite dumb thing to check with Nextcloud Talk App 12.1.2 on Nextcloud 22 is the Notification settings.

On my instance, I only have one box that seems to control the notification behaviour of all my conversations image
By default it is set to mentions only.

You can check if this is your case or not simply by making a call, because users will receive the push notification for a call, and not for a message. Then if you switch the setting to “All Messages”, private message notifications start coming.

The others issues you’re talking about for notifications not working after a while I think are related to the Smart Battery Optimization in some Android distribs. Signal has the same problem recently.

Hoping it can help, or at least help newbies.

this is only for the group-notifications… user-notifications should be always activated. but they don’t work always as expected.

Contrary to this assumption, whether notify_push “has anything to do with” talk push notifications or not, in my experience, it certainly does break talk push notifications. And FYI: while it may be advertised mostly for sending file update notifications, it isn’t limited to that – it also does send talk and all other notifications as well, it is specifically used for delivering notifications to the WEB UI (i.e., the little “bell” icon between search and contacts will light up instantly when notify-push is running, but could take several minutes without).

Push notifications for me was working initially, then I installed notify_push, then it would no longer work – nothing else changed. On my second NC instance running on the same physical server but without notify-push, talk push notifications never stopped working (main instance was office instance, second is my personal instance – don’t worry, my name is on the front of the building so I’m allowed to do this).

What it came down to is that some routines in Talk were being triggered by notify-push. The problem can be solved by adding this in-development patch: Better chat notification handling by nickvergessen · Pull Request #1970 · nextcloud/spreed · GitHub

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I don’t have the “notify_push” installed but also never get any notfications on the browser but if I get them I get them only on the Android client.
also we really need a sound played when there’s a new massage or call too…

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GuzzleHttp\Exception\ConnectException: cURL error 28: Connection timed out after 30001 milliseconds (see for

Can you explain this please?

I found this one
But i can’ find User/Security menu and also doesn’t explain on how to use that PHP code actually

Deleting the rows in the <prefix>_notifications_pushhash table in the database for the user in question with the app_type = to talk and then re-logging into the talk app on my iOS device resolved this problem.