NC Talk push notification

has anyone problems with getting a call on an android device ?
iOS devices all working fine after the first or maybe the 3rd ring the device shows the call

android devices not so …

I found this see link (but not shure if i want to mess with my DB)
link to NC Forum Post push notification not working

and i stumbled also across this …

also not shure if this will be the smart problem solving way :wink:

another interesting request (not yet checked)
after a call is started all of the participants should get an email notification
I’m not shure if someone really wanna have this but who knows

br NP

I am unable to get Push Notifications from my De-Googled Android running /e/ OS. It works from a Google phone in my case.

Are you using microg with /e/ OS? , I take you are , this is disappointing, I’m considering using nextcloud talk , but also switching my phone to /e/ . I hope they find a fix for it

I was able to get push notifications by installing NextPush on my /e/ OS phone. I have not used it extensively, but it appears to work only for cases when the message originates from the Talk web UI. The Nextcloud Talk application on my phone is not registering with NextPush or the Unified Push Provider running on the Nextcloud instance.

Yes, I am using microg.

I take it the issue still exists ?
Funny I was just reconsidering getting nextcloud setup again last night and trying out talk.

„ Please make sure to install the app from the Google PlayStore. The f-droid version doesn’t support push notifications.“

Thank you. That clarifies my problem. I am using F-droid and don’t use Google PlayStore.

One thing that puzzles me is that I have the F-Droid Nextcloud Talk installed on my /e/ phone using MicroG. I removed NextPush from the phone since this release of Talk does not integrate with NextPush as a distributor. If I post from the Nextcloud Talk Web UI, I get push notifications just fine. If I post from a Nextcloud Talk on an iPad, I don’t get any notifications on my phone. How do posts from Web UI successfully notify?