Nextcloud Talk for Android v2.0.0beta5 is out!


Does the chat feature support push notifications only for the chat?


I don’t understand the question?


updated with no problems

great job

@Mario, I think @JoMatr ask for the new message notification without open the app, if it will be in your mind enable this for talk in this version or in the future.


Ricard, you should get a new message notification if mentioned. Can you confirm that works?



Thank you for your good work.

  Scrolling is okay now, but if I switch back from user to chat I have to scoll once manually.

  After that it scolls again automatically.

  How about Emoji :)


Emoji later.

I don’t understnd the first thing? Can you tell me how to reproduce?


Still no push notifications on Android (7.1.1), neither for chat or calls.


What device? And what Android? (e.g. do you run Lineage?)


Hi @mario, now it’s no new message notification, in beta 1 I can see in the app with a number, how new message I have, now in beta 2 no.
Nothing. :thinking:
And no push notification neither.

Android 6.0
Lenovo mobile 3 GB ram


I don’t understand half of the message :frowning: But I understand the part about no push - will see if it works here, push will be focus of beta4 probably.


In my case it’s LG Q6, 7.1.1, no Lineage, not-rooted


Guys, found a bug. I was missing a “!” in one line of code. Will be fixed in beta3 already.


Sorry, my English it’s no so good.

In beta 1, I see a number aside a contact name, the number off no read messages,
In beta 2 nothing


Hm? I’ve never implemented such a thing so it’s unlikely you’ve seen it :smiley:


Thats web interface

I think I see the same in the app
I don’t have any screenshot


Nop, that was never there - sorry! :slight_smile:


Sorry, then I confuse the web interface with the app



It is in the web interface.

If I change to audio or video chat and I switch between chat and participants I have to scroll one time manually to the newest talk chat message. After that it scrolls automatically

I hope you do understand this :)


File a bug here:


And beta3 is out!!! :slight_smile: