Nextcloud Talk for Android v2.0.0beta5 is out!


Android App is 1.2.0 what is yours?


Try force closing the app and starting it again.


You mean me?

I already did. Cleaned the Cache, completely reinstalled the Beta App, rebooted the phone


Can you send a test account to


Sorry, what shall i send?


Test account on your server? :slight_smile:


I am sorry but seems to be to hot today For my brain to Operate…

I shall make a Test Account on my nextcloud Server and mail the credentials to You?


Indeed, that’s it.


Send You a Mail, Server and password.

The Name of the Account is “thetest”

Thanks a lot


So I checked. It looks like you either don’t have Talk 3.2 installed on the server or something went very wrong on the server side since the server doesn’t report the ability to initiate chat via mobile apps.


hi @mario
I erase the test chat, I expecting the catastrofe after this, but no.
I expecting after I off of the test chat, also are available with the link, but no, the chat disapear.

Great job


It is 3.2.1.

Ok, maybe the installation is damaged. Theres also some weird stuff with the apt management going on, so I allready set up a new vm. But in this VM, I didnt want to user XMPP anymore. So if you say it should run, I will give it a try in the new VM and kich away this strange VM thats eating all my CPU.

Thank you for having a look at my configuration. Great Service !


So i need to manually download the tar package and extract it or is there some other way?


There should be no need for that usually, but you can try that., yes.


I install talk directly from the apps in the nextcloud server.


Is there any other way?


Hello Mario,

Thanks for your great work! I checked out your github code and built the beta apk on my computer. After I installed it on my phone I tested it with nextcloud 13. It worked.

However there is another icon on my phone screen named ‘Leaks’ warning me that if permission is not set, memory leak is not detected. Is this an intended app? You can see the leaks icon in the screen grab below.



Leaks is not a normal App related to Nextcloud. That must have been installed previously or part of the OS. The icon used is just generic hence the similarities. Best to Google ‘leaks’, it might be related to some bugs reported.


Actually if you install a debug version of Nc Talk (from Github) you’ll get this - this app is used to detect memory leaks inside the app.


Beta2 is out!