Nextcloud Talk for Android v2.0.0beta5 is out!

Dear users and friends,

I have just released Nextcloud Talk v1.2 Beta1 for Android. Following the fantastic work done by the entire team on the Talk app on the server side, I am happy to introduce an app that takes advantage of improvements done there.

UI received a lots of polish and UX was improved where it previously lacked. There are still quite a few rough edges, but it’s getting better by the day thanks to your feedback.

But the most important thing!

Nextcloud Talk v1.2.0beta1 features first implementation of chat so you can talk with your friends, lovers, family and pets completely secure.

Community feedback for the current app has been awesome, and most of the work is driven by you. As such, any and all feedback is welcome either here, on Google Play, Github ( or via my email:

If you’re not part of the beta team yet, go and join now - now!

Update: Beta2 is now out with voice-only calls, new messages notifications and various other improvements! Try it out and let me know what you think.

Update: Beta3 is now out with endless scroll support for contacts, remote search for contacts, push fixes and a few other fixes found by you, our dear users!


Hi Mario.

Thanks for your hard work. Just tried the beta. Was able to connect to the server but after that the app stucks. Restarting the app brings me to the screen where I can choose to chat, choose contacts and settings. But hitting on those buttons has no effect. Had to remove the app and switched back to 1.1? I guess. Running LineageOS with Android 7.1.2 if that matters.



a) Gets stuck how?
b) Can you send a test account to mario AT so I can test?


Test account? Are we talking about the same thing? You need a test account on my phone? :slight_smile:

a) Gets stuck how?

Well, nothing happens anymore. I can not choose a contact from contacts and the settings page does not open either.


No, test account on your server :smiley:

Super strange o.O

you got it!

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@mario Thanks again for checking out my problem. Seems to be connected to my phone. I admit my phone is more off a construction site than a working one. :slight_smile: LineageOS with microG. I’ll try another one.

Hehe :slight_smile: Please let me know what happens.

@mario, hi just sent you an email with some graphic bugs.

Got nothing :-/

I have Nextcloud 13.0.2 installed and it shows Talk version as 3.1.0. How can i update Talk to 3.2?

I initiated a new chat, sent the message and it vanished into nothingness…

Then, came out of the chat, manually refreshed the chat list and it all showed up.

^^ that’s after sending a message

That’s only once you send the first message :stuck_out_tongue: Fixed already, will be in beta2.

App store?

Once was all I needed to see I couldn’t rely on it :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll await beta 2 :sunglasses:

Never rely on a beta :stuck_out_tongue:


I am feeling very Stupid…

Have Talk 3.2.1 installed. And the App is 1.2.0 per Beta Program at Google Playstore.

I cant find any Chat. Chat is the last Thing I miss for using Nextcloud productively, please help

Can you add to this public test chat?

I don try this before, you can add to this chat with the link in the android app

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Just get this:
(Same as in last stable android App Release):

Sure are you a beta tester??