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noticed, that some time after website redesign, it is again possible to switch to another language variants, which is great. To help this effort, with respect to what is stated on Nextcloud Website localization | Transifex , would it be even so possible, as years longtime maintainer of my native language translation of Nextcloud and its apps, to join and contribute there too?

This page is outdated. I wasn’t even aware of it.

What is your native language?

My native language is Czech,

my username on Transifex is pavelb, translating most of strings in app texts:

(and trying to achieve complete translation coverage - that list of requests, pointed by
is from me)

Also translating user documentation (Pierre was so glad to pushed implementing necessary workflow)

(And also aiming for more than year with Pierre for Client docs translation)

Trying also regarding showing already translated apps descriptions in app store.

The last remaining domain is website, so trying there too :slight_smile:

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Hello Pavel,

I know your username on Transifex very well.
And I appreciate all the work you are doing.

About the website:
My latest information from Nextcloud company is that only englisch, french and german are supported. These three languages are reviewed and checked.
Therefore I added the following announcement:

Now I see that spanish is available in the menu and not french. French is complete, spanish not.

I kindly ask @Daphne for clarification.

Hello Mark,
thanks for your quick and helpful response. Also glad to see action preventing further wasting work of translators at current state of things.

Regarding current state:

Is there any plan (would it be possible to communicate this into Nextcloud company please?) how to be able to unfreeze this state in future, hopefully?

From point of view of project/company is understandable, that it is really sensitive to have correctness and profesionality in content on website.

Then there are long-time translators/reviewers, performing on the same level of quality in content of Nextcloud server/client apps and documentation, who are already trusted to do so - proof is no big/often complaints from Nextcloud users regarding their experience.

Question is, how to assure Nextcloud company, that content in languages, which are not covered by reviews by its employees (native speakers) is not wrong (company is even responsible in legal regards).

Maybe few ideas (brainstorm-like):

  • trust that Nextcloud users/website visitors would very quickly report anything bad in the same manner, they are watching in case of texts in Nextcloud apps/documentation itself (think even of original English texts in 3rd party Nextcloud apps - they are also trusted due this model)

  • do at least shallow review of translated texts for website before publishing by Nextcloud employees with help of automatic translation tools (it would catch at least anything (intentionally) harmful)

  • make some cost less, but legally enforceable contracts (but for website translations only!) with voluntary translators

  • involve in review of (by volunteers translated) website texts also local Nextcloud partners / companies offering Nextcloud solutions - it is also in their best interest to have these text correct to don’t harm their businesses and they are typically independent from volunteer translators of Nextcloud.
    (at least they can approve, that according quality of texts in apps/documentation, translators group for given language is doing their work right)

  • contract some professional translators for given languages for independent review, who will confirm, that everything is ok

It is clear, that solution will take time. But for start, would it be possible at least to agree, that every part, which is not localizable (apps, users docs - admin one is OK in English, web) is limiting Nextcloud in how it can grow globally? And that is worth to keep trying to search for solutions instead of keeping freezed in reasons against?

Many thanks too for your care about community :slight_smile:

Please certainly add French, but don’t throw away Spanish (if it is possible to do review by Nextcloud employees, very active Spanish translators group on Nextcloud Transifex is probably not aware of this resource and can make more complete) - beside Spain itself, it would be also loss for whole really huge South American community too!

I already forwarded this topic to Nextcloud company by mentioning Daphne and as soon as there are news available she will post here.

Seen your czech language request at Tx. I will not enable it until clarification is done, hope you will understand this.

Current state of translation completeness:

Current language switcher:

Hi team,

Since we created a new website, the site is no longer connected to Transifex. We are now translating internally with volunteers from our employees.

We would like to bring back the translation to Transifex, but we have not yet figured out how to do that, technically speaking - so until that is done, we have to do it this way :confused:

It will likely be next year before we can put some real efforts in this, as there’s lots of other stuff to fix on our website :wink:

But we are making good progress, we have an amazing web developer working on it!


That means any changed string at Tx will never show off at the website?
If yes, we should lock this project at Transifex to not waste any translator work.

Please confirm.

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yes, we have to lock this project.

Sorry @jospoortvliet and @Daphne,

I know, things an Nextcloud change fast.

But could you please anounce such decisions as early as possible in the future?

It’s a litle bit frustrating to translate for the bin.

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Hello @Soko ,

I fully understand your comment.
I was surprised as well and the reports at Transifex showed me that work has been spend for nothing.

Yesterday I archived the website project at Transifex. Discussed that with core people and TX.
Whenever necessary the project can be unarchived again and work isn’t lost. Not sure if we can re-use strings.

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I agree @Soko Soko, I’m very sorry that this happened :frowning: I will try to fetch this earlier and make sure this is well aligned in the future.

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