List of resources and their priority for translation

We don’t use any integration anymore. We simply clone the repo, run some scripts and then “git add * && git commit && git push” and that should work anywhere.

That being said apparently CI time was so limited lately that collectives is moving away from gitlab. So would need another project to test.

That is the case for most apps, right?
For the libs you started built in GitHub support of Transifex IIRC.

Rainloop app is deprecated now.


Wow, you still keep newly connected resources comin‘. How many are still untranslated?
Cannot be many :wink:

I don’t know how many repos “added” translations without telling us :stuck_out_tongue:
Looking at all the backlinks in:

There could be plenty more

Added pdf_downloader

Added files_archive

Perhaps they weren’t aware of this step - instructions for it seems were added to developers docs just recently: Add instructions for inviting nextcloud-bot to a repository · nextcloud/documentation@a6a3ebc · GitHub
Which is great, because new developers will be avare of it. So it remains to fix things of past.
Many repos of apps, with development started since years ago has/had l10n dirs, transifex config, etc (not sure regarding inviting nextcloud bot), but newer did last step to join CI process - probably because their developers didn’t found mentioned it in docs then and then never re-read this sections again. That’s why (not only) “Fix translation not appearing on Transifex” tickets were created with hope to correct this and be able to provide users with fully localized experience.

(oftopic: really sorry regarding notifications flood due amplifications of mentions caused by followups - didn’t realized it, forgive please)

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Added twofactor_reminder

Added files_linkeditor

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Added collectives

Translations were imported from weblate

Removed twofactor_u2f as the app is replaced by the twofactor_webauthn app

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Added drawio

Added cloud_py_api

Added mail_roundcube

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Added secrets

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Added souvenirs


Floccus floccus localization | Transifex
OCBookmark bisada / OCBookmarks · GitLab

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Added dokuwiki


Yesterday I marked the resources according to the list.
Transifex offers three rakings: “Urgent”, “High” and “Normal”

Benefit is you can sort the huge resources list by “Priority (Descending)”.

See image

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