Nextcloud forum ridiculously slow

Is it just me, or is this site incredibly slow to load? Every time I try to sort out some problem, I have to wait several minutes for the site to load. It’s nuts. I usually just wind up giving up.

We’ve got a fibre link and don’t have a problem with other sites. Just this.

Where are you located? Asking because some people have issues who are in Australia and other locations. Search the forum for previous discussions on this topic.

Same problem in Germany. Bad performance for and . Traceroute is ok (30 - 40 ms to both hosts). I think the servers are overloaded or misconfigured.

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is always slow to load here from the UK, pings look ok, just usually 10-15 seconds to load the pages, I wouldnt say its as bad as the OP (minutes) but is slower than most other sites I use.

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For me it is much better than it was 1-2 months ago.

That’s right. it was worse a few months ago.

I timed it just now, 2 minutes and 57 seconds. And then I had to log in. No idea what causes it but as helpful as I am it shouldn’t be up to a customer to fix this. This is clearly an architectural issue that is to be solved by

Where are you located geographically @marshalleq ? As you can see everyone is fully aware of this issue.

Yes @esxpfe, it is known that Australia, India, and other countries are having serious difficulty connecting to the German servers hosting the forum. It has been reported to the staff, but it is up to the admins on how to proceed. I’ve checked with and what they recommend is adding a CDN such as Fastly or Bunny to insure fast access speeds for users such as yourself.

However, that is not a decision anyone can make besides those holding the keys to this forum. It remains up to them on whether they can commit a little time and money towards resolving this.

Checking the server load and configuration would be the first port of call, and perhaps instituting some caching there; and then yes, a CDN. Both efforts don’t need to cost either. Cloudflare is one of many CDNs with free plans, for example. This should be an easy fix.

Not so sure about the “don’t need to cost either” part of your post. :wink: That might be true for a personal server but I seriously doubt that the free plans are suitable for a site like the Nextcloud forums. In addition to that it would probably also violate their TOS if you use the free plan for a
commercial website like

Cloudflare has a free plan, and commercial uses are fine, you just don’t get platinum features.

We had problems with some reverse proxy for thumbnails which took a long time, something was invalid and we had to wait for the 60s timeout. This issue is now fixed, there are still a few fonts and a piwik-javascript, all other resources load fine (for me).

Load time in Europe is mostly fast (<5s).

I used the TOR browser, and forced the exit node to be in specific countries:

US (Kansas), Hongkong → first load time ~20s → further pages within seconds
Mumbai (India), Japan → <10s first page, follow up pages within seconds

I didn’t get an exit node in Australia or New Zealand. Not sure, what has to go wrong to get loading times of a few minutes.

To debug the network part a bit further, the forum is hosted at hetzner. They provide test files for download, check if they are quicker (
If there is a doubt about the provider peering, you can use the mtr tool:
(if you share your ip or send it via private message, we can run such a test in the other direction, so perhaps there is a saturated peering port that a provider can fix).
other things: if your ipv6 is faulty configurated, it can take some time until the ipv4 fallback kicks in.

We are here on a forum for self-hosting stuff and then we want to use a CDN instead? If you use TOR network, they bombard you with captchas and stuff. We should first fix everything on our side and get it running, for the wrong redirects or the 500 errors during posts wouldn’t have gone away with a CDN.

Links at are loading fine and fast.


… and longer MTR test recommended from your link above:


Thanks, this is very helpful. It looks like it is mainly appearing at the hoster of Nextcloud or the Nextcloud server itself, so that’s something that potentially can be fixed.

I created a specific bug report for the infrastructure team:

Not sure, if they need more info. So perhaps they are going to contact you.

Doesn’t help much, but at least a little at the first loading:
At the very top in the teaser a lot of graphic files are loaded, but they are generally not visible, but only when you open the teaser. Maybe you could use less images in the teaser or remove this advertising block completely or just link to the full text.

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That is really a problem. Stupid and useless.

When I’m logged in, the teaser and announcements are not shown any more.

Yes you are right. But i think a lot of google-searcher are not logged in and slow down the webserver. Please ask to forum admin to change it.

Google grew up with minimalism (only search text field). And even today, data should be saved where it is not needed. Otherwise you will lose the users who do not want to wait long.

@blizzz some valuable info here for you? .