Nextcloud Desktop Client VERY slow

Nextcloud 27.1.6
Desktop Client 3.11.1

So i have nextcloud running on an intranet server which is connected with 10Gbit to the switch. The clients have 1Gbit connection to the switch.
We are running an internal unbound DNS that directs all requests directly to the internal network ip of the nextcloud server only external use the internet ip

Now when i upload download stuff from the webinterface the speed is as ist should be (around 100MB/s) if i use the desktop client to sync it barelz reaches 1MB/s

The server itself is sporting a ryzen 7600 with 64gigs of ECC ram on an asrock rack server mainboard.

So stuff should be blazing fast, but it aint.

Any idea?

Before digging too deeply, if an internal client was going through your external Internet link (even though it’s not supposed to per your config), what speed would you expect? Is it anywhere in that ballpark is does it have no correlation at all?

sadly that is also not even close. we have 300mbit symmetrical fibre.