Are there any config modifications to speed up transfers between NC and the NC windows client?

My setup:
Cloudflare + NPM for reverse proxy, so I have a domain I usually use.
I have Adguard set up to redirect the domain to the IP of my unraid NAS, so that it (should) avoid using internet traffic and keep the traffic on local internet for my main PC. (I have the reverse proxy set up for external users, but can ignore that for now).
I have checked traceroute and nslookup and this is all set up correctly.

If I download from the nextcloud webgui, it runs at (close to) 200MB/s, which is about what I’d expect for my 2.5gbe network (taking into account nextcloud overhead).

I’m on 3.12.3 for the client, and 28.0.4 production of nextcloud server.

I have overwritehost, overwriteCLI and overwriteProtocol all set up (correctly, as
far as I have been advised by many people in the community).

Problem is, even though going from the browser transfers at 200MB/s, transfers using the client is more like 15MB/s.

On a whim, I tried installing the Owncloud client, and pointed it to nextcloud. Didn’t actually think it would work, but instead it run MUCH FASTER, averaging more like 55MB/s most of the time.

I’ve tried a whole bunch of things, however it seems that despite the DNS redirection, the Client code is set up in some weird way that pushes all the traffic out onto the internet instead of linking directly. It’s the only explanation I have for the slow “basically upload limit” transfer speeds. Either that, or the client is just limited to 10MB/s natively because it’s just terribly written. but I don’t think that’s true cos I’ve seen other people say its faster than that, plus its a fork of Owncloud and the owncloud client is much faster.

I’m assuming there’s some config setting somewhere that speeds it up?

I have tried changing the Environment setting OWNCLOUD_HTTP2_ENABLED to 1 in windows, but that seems to have no effect. All the config file changes seem to have no effect (other than some of them making it stop working entirely lol).

Any suggestions?

Additional question - why do all transfers through the client have double the file size of the actual file being transferred? ie. If I transfer a 1gb file, the transfer window will show 2gb. It’s like the client is transferring to some temporary middle location, before/during transferring to Windows. Probably isn’t helping matters!

What you might try is to use plain webDAV, the owncloud client is using this interface as well (and some additional stuff like the parallel upload etc.), and if that is much faster, that is a good point for problems with the NC client.

From outside, the performance of NC client vs. webinterface/ownCloud Client/native webdav is there such a difference as well?

Yeh the owncloud client is just better / faster all round. The issue though is that you don’t get thumbnails for images. So at the moment I’m back to using the NC client, and not having thumbnails is a real pain.

I could use just webdav, but then I might as well just connect to the folders via windows network SMB or whatever as that always runs at 250mb/s no issues. However that means files don’t sync correctly without an occ:scan set up (and it would need to run pretty frequently to catch new files within a reasonable time frame).

I have inotify set up for external storage changes, but far as I’m aware that doesn’t work for ‘local’ nextcloud cloud/user files.

If you use webdav, it keeps the database in sync. Or other clients:

That’s very interesting, though two of the main reason I use the client are the virtual drive (which I don’t know if any alternate clients would have), and the ability to create share links (which also I don’t think alternative clients would support).

However I didn’t even know alternate clients existed other than the owncloud one, so I’ll certainly take a look thanks

Can you install something like Wireguard to confirm whether the client is talking to the external IP or the internal one?

Or lower tech: maybe you can at least rule that out (or in) by checking the traffic levels on your WAN/Internet link on the router?

I’ll look into it, but not easily unfortunately (or at least I don’t know how).