Nextcloud client app one way sync (aka backup)

So i installed nextcloud to be my one and only (host my bookmarks, passwords and my files as backup) and i noticed all i can do is sync but not backup and i know nextcloud said it’s not good for backup but fuck, if you take a moment and search online you will find a lot and i mean A LOT of people requesting this featuer to enable one way sync (from computer to my nextcloud instance) and yet there is no word from dev team so why? it’s supposed to be open source project, it’s made for the people and cleary people want something so why it’s not there?

Synchronize in one direction nextcloud? - #3 by HdInfAutre (not sure if it’s related or not)

I understand if dev team is busy and i’m sure open source commuinty would like to help impelemnt it themselvs like what they did with jitsi and their end-to-end encryption also yes i’m aware i can use webdav applications but why? why not make it offical