Nextcloud App on iOS does not show content of txt or ASCII files

I read these articles:

I have:
latest stable Nextcloud version 24.0.4 running at all-inkl
latest Nexctcloud version for iOS
iOS 15.6.1
Iphone SE and IPad, issue on both devices, both with latest iOS and Nextcloud version
I deleted the app and made a new installation, so the cache should be gone

I can open txt or ASCII files in the iOS app but I cannot see the content. So I see a blank screen. I have this issue for several months now.
I can see the content in the WebGui.
I can open any other file (e.g. pdf, jpg, xlsx…) on iOS in the Nextcloud app and the content is shown.

All the articles above did not help me.

Any ideas?

Thank you

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