Nextcloud IOS App cant open/edit .md .txt files

Hello forum,

i got a problem with the IOS App. I updated today because i hoped for a fix but i got the same error.
I can create text files, markdown files but i cant edit them in the app. I think half a year a go i can click on the files and an editor opened. Now i only get the option open with other IOS apps…
Is there a workaround or maybe a soultion how to fix this ?
Because it was very helpfull to stay in the NC App to edit these files.

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I got the same problem but also the problem to add a note is missing the add (+) menu in the iOS app.
Edit existing notes either .txt or .md not possible ! #help
Nextcloud version: 17.0.8
Nextcloud iOS app version: 3.0.2
Nextcloud Notes : 3.6.1

This would appear to be