Nextcloud 22 Beta 3 - with changelog ;-)

Hi all,

Nextcloud 22 Beta 3 is available, below is a changelog of the more important changes. A lot of apps are not ready yet, but we’ve now added Nc 22 to the app store so authors can do releases targeting it. Some apps already have alpha releases you can put in place manually. We’re getting there!

You can get the beta on our download server, or via the install page (bottom right) and it should also be in the beta channel of the updater. Or just grab the zip directly here.

Some cool things to test:

Drop the apps in their respective folders and enable them. There’s some cool deck-talk integration to play with! We’re still trying to fix a problem with circles, but when that is done (hopefully with an alpha 7 release), install it and have a look at the Contacts app! As always, also test the usual. Sharing, public links, and so on. It is the “boring stuff” that shouldn’t break!

Here’s the changelog.



The step “Checking for update of app “accessibility” (or activity in a second case) in App Store” took ~30sec to complete when I just used the web updater (from 21.0.2). The same delay seems to apply when calling /settings/admin/overview on NC 22 b3. That page also shows that there is an update to 22 b3 available just after I installed it (and reloaded that page so that the check kicked in). That bug was already present in b2 (and reported here by me). There also is another issue: although all other instances on the same server work fine for that command, in the updated-to-22 NC, php occ yields “An unhandled exception has been thrown: OC\HintException: [0]: Memcache \OC\Memcache\APCu not available for local cache (Is the matching PHP module installed and enabled?)”

The App Store was probably a bit overloaded when you tried the update, this has happened already multiple times.

That you still see the update notification might be related to caching, I don’t think that’s a big issue.

For occ and APCu, see
You need to configure PHP in a way that apcu is also available when you use the CLI.
This is actually an improvement and a fix to the issue that in the previous version 21, this could lead to a high load on the server.

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App Store overload is not the issue. All other apps were checked within fractions of a second. Also, I encountered this for a couple of days now (since 22b2 appeared the first time).

Thanks for the APCu pointer, I re-checked that: I already had a line in my nginx/conf.d/acpu.ini but it contained a type: I had apc_enable_cli=1 (wrong!) instead of apc.enable_cli=1 (correct). Thanks! Strange that my NC21’s weren’t affected, though!

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After successful update, the message is displayed:

## Version

**[Testcloud]( 22.0.0 beta 3**

A new version is available: **Nextcloud 22.0.0 beta 3**

When I start the update process again, it says:

Current version is 22.0.0 beta 3.
No update available.

Kind of confusing…

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THAT’s the bug I was referring to. Thanks for confirming :wink: Strange though; I just re-checked with my just-updated NC22b3 via OCC:

$ php occ status
      - installed: true
      - version:
      - versionstring: 22.0.0 beta 3
      - edition: 
$ php occ update:check
Nextcloud 22.0.0 beta 2 is available. Get more…
1 update available

Note that OCC offers b2 although b3 is installed. This only happens that way on the one instance that I did update to b2 previously. I assume that the current version just isn’t fetched correctly.

I was curious was Calendar Resource Management is, but it has zero documentation and cannot yet be installed through the app store. I also installed the calender alpha, but could not see immediately how to use it?

So it should allow you to use the UI to book, say, a room or a car or things like that. But I understood that it isn’t entirely finished yet - there’s some command line magic you have to do to first create such a resource, before you can book em from the UI. I don’t know the commands, sorry.

php occ update:check yields varying results: First I got “Everything up to date”, and one minute later, I got “Nextcloud 22.0.0 beta 3 is available … Could not connect to the App Store or no updates have been returned at all. …”. Plus, – on NC22 betas only – that command takes exactly 90 seconds to finish, that smells like a timeout kicks in. Is there a load balacer / proxy issue with Nextcloud infrastructure?

installed 22 beta3.
How can I get talk12, mail10, calendar 2.3?
I only get the stable versions with the app store.
But contacts 4.0 and circles 22 are able to install.

I’m a bit surprised, and a wee bit disappointed, to see that work is going on to release NC22 when, as far as a lot of us are concerned, NC21 is still not working. Doesn’t matter what I do I cannot upgrade to NC21 without my server collapsing in a froth of RAM and resource max out!
I also cannot get the “workaround” to work and anyway, am not comfortable with the idea of a workaround and would prefer a fix.
Will NC22 solve the issues being experienced with 21? I somehow doubt it which is why I’m disappointed as this probably means I won’t be able to progress beyond NC 20 :frowning:



I dont know it this can help you. I had problems upgrading. For me it worked when I first upgraded all app, and then deactivated the majority of the apps before the upgrade.
But I always make a snapshot before trying the upgrade.

Hi rollanders,
What kind of problems were you having with the upgrade though? Was it the RAM/CPU maxed out after upgrade one?
There is a proposed workaround for this issue, something to do with the memory cache settings, which I can’t manage to do, I asked on Github but they all seem much more interested in developing even better newer apps and getting a new version out to be bothered helping someone who clearly shouldn’t be in charge of a server alone :slight_smile:

I am at the stage now where I will try anything if it worked for someone else and, yes, I always make a full server backup before changing anything. I don’t do snapshots because I really don’t fully understand how they work. I do use btrfs as my filesystem though and use it to make snapshots but I wouldn’t have a clue how to recover nextcloud after a failed upgrade so I just use clonezilla to image the drive and recover it after a failure :slight_smile:
Thanks for taking the time to reply though, always very much appreciated.


What’s more:
I have a cron background job running with the correct user of the instance. Still the message is displayed:

Last background job execution ran 13 days ago. Something seems wrong. [Check the background job settings ↗](

Even if I run the cron.php manually, this error does not go away.

I get the same message every time when I have to roll back to an older snapshot (VM).
It goes away in 24 hours or so…

This is great news!
I was hoping Nextcloud would include a feature of this kind one day: Nextcloud as a REAL sharing platform

I’d love to learn more about it, as it would be great do be flexible in sharing stuff, e.g. limit it to certain users,groups,circles etc.

@jospoortvliet Haven’t forgotten my reply on the other issue, soon… :slight_smile:

Sounds like a thing you could build :wink: It’s quite far from the digital collaboration Nextcloud is currently building, so I’m not sure how many contributors you’d get, but then again, there are some cool projects around Nextcloud that go far beyond its original ideas, too.

Well, I don’t know about that issue (I upgraded without issues) - but if it would hit a lot of users (as in, a serious percentage of the 200K servers out there), it would get fixed as somebody would be annoyed AND knowledgeable to fix it, OR a customer reports it and the GmbH engineers fix it. Those are in general the two ways things get fixed in an open source project - that’s of course very annoying if you are a private user who can’t fix things him/herself but such bugs don’t hold up a release for everyone else, I’m afraid - we’d still be at Nextcloud 9, if we took that approach :frowning:

21 is not yet as widely used as 20, though, so I think your issue will likely get fixed soon - when more people move over and bump into the problem, whatever it is. Of course, a good bug report with the info that points to the root cause is very helpful and makes it easier (and thus more likely) to fix.

Wonder what the issues were upgrading to NC21? We did it smoothly. Sounds like there are some issues that we escaped fortuitously, but I wonder what they are. Still if I had issues and was running NC20, I’d not have any issue of some found it more important to get a stable NC22 upgrade out there as long as they provided an NC20 to 22 upgrade that worked reliably.

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Hi Jospoortvliet,
Thanks for your interest.
This is my issue, and others as far as I can tell?:

I tried to follow recommendations from this support forum but couldn’t get that to work, adding a line to my php.ini as instructed just ended up crashing the server.
I hear what you are saying, of course, Nextcloud is great if you are experienced in all things php and great at setting up servers and all the ins and outs and pitfalls of this. Some of us however are not so good at this and require assistance. This is what I thought the forum was for.
I would like to submit a good bug report, really I would, but I totally failed to manage to provide the information requested. I was not even able to provide a copy of the relevant files because I couldn’t figure out how to copy and paste from the command line to provide copies of the requested files That is how dumb I am :slight_smile: So, it could be said, natural selection has taken it’s toll here and I should not be left alone with a complex bit of software such as Nextcloud and a Linux server in general but, guess what, I enjoy this, I managed to get it up and running with lots of help from kind people on forums, just like this one, and I have been successfully running my own little NC instance since version 14 or thereabouts. So, forgive me for thinking that something was wrong with the upgrade when I have had so many successful ones? in the past, major updates as well as intermediate ones and now, suddenly, I click on the web updater, coax it along while it fumbles and drops the downloads continually before finally achieving a successful update only to find that, around 15minutes later, my server is frozen. I finally managed to get ssh access and run HTOP and see that the resources are maxed out by my cron job.
And there ladies and gentlemen is where my knowledge runs out and I turn to the forum.
So, I will try jumping over V21 and on to 22…stranger things have happened, who knows, it may work.

thanks for your insights, I do appreciate that we cannot hold up progress due to an insignificant few, i.e. not a significant percentage of the 200K servers out there! and I apologise for my lack of experience. NO doubt I will improve over time as I work my way through the issues.


I finally solved the issue, well, it may have been partially solved by the NC21.04 update also?
See this post for my eventual fix:

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