22 Beta 5 is here! help test!

Hey all!

I failed to write about Beta 4 that came out last week, so let me try to put in the changelog from beta 4 AND 5 here. See my post on beta 3 to get some ideas on what to test! There鈥檚 a list of test apps there you should have a look at - some, like Circles and Mail have newer releases to test.

For some apps you can use the app store in Nextcloud but not all are yet released for the 22 beta in the app store.

For resource management, this app exists: GitHub - nextcloud/calendar_resource_management: Resources back-end for the Nextcloud CalDAV server

Note: there is a small issue with upgrading from beta 4:

[鉁榏 Check for expected files failed 
The following extra files have been found: .npmignore
Update failed.
To resume or retry just execute the updater again.

The resolution is easy: just delete .npmignore

As usual, you can get the beta on our install page, using the updater, or directly here



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Tried to update from B4:

Check for expected files
The following extra files have been found:

As mentioned by jospoortvliet in the post above, this is a known issue. Just delete the file manually and do the update again.


I deleted the .npmignore file but the updater always finds it