New Nextcloud IOS App Background uploading not working

Hello, once we did the update to the new ios app the background file upload is no longer working i have to keep the app open. next had this issues with the old version of the app. Already uninstalled and reinstalled the app.

I experienced the same problem. The badge appears for the amount of uploadable pictures and stays like that until you open the app. Then the upload begins.


Yes, exectely. Hopefully they can get this fixed.

iOS Team, are you aware of this issue? @Andy cherzinger

@AndyXheli I am Android only :smiley: so cc @ios

@Andy Opps :open_mouth: sorry about that! @ios team are you aware of this issue?

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Hi ! Next version … several news :wink:

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@ios Perfect! Thanks :wink:

I also got the same problem on iOs and also on Android 6.0.

On iOS the nextcloud-app only syncs, if I keep the app open. On the Android device the file synchronisation won’t work anymore wheter the app is opened or in background.

Regards Markus

@Andy Please read above comment from @MEhrmann

@AndyXheli @MEhrmann for Android the auto upload function is being rewritten (again) currently.

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Just curious, does the @ios team have a release date in mind?

I hope soon :slight_smile:

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Any updates on this? @ios

Hello @ios, thanks for the update but it still seems that the uploads are not working like before.

Hi @AndyXheli , please ?

@ios Once you take a picture, the nextcloud app take a very long time to pick it up and the upload only works when i open the app. i’ve already uninstalled it and it does the same thing on a different iphone.

RIght, any updates ? @ios

Have you seen this ?

Hi @ios, I think the issue reported here is back in IOS systems, I’m facing it now with two different iPhones where the app only start syncing files when the app is open.