New Instance Assistance

I just installed NextCloud 16 on my server…

  1. I need to make sure Let’s Encrypt is installed and running and generated the SSL for my domain.
  2. How can I go about making sure the following is completed also, “Please contact your administrator. If you are an administrator, edit the “trusted_domains” setting in config/config.php like the example in config.sample.php.”
  3. I want to add a NTFS network share that it can be indexed and referenced how can I go about doing that with the correct permissions?
  4. Should I modify the sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/nextcloud.conf for the SSL because I found where to request the SSL but it isn’t working… b/c it says No virtual host…
  1. Check ether certbot, or what I prefer acme, read more about why --> Port 443 open, 80 closed. Also docu how to use them linked in github. E.g. use acme with Standalone tls-alpn mode: --issue --alpn -d
  1. Just edit your config.php under /pathTo/nexctloud/data/config/config.php. And added something like according to your domains:
'trusted_domains' =>
  array (

Read more about config here:

  1. If you added NTFS to Nextcloud via External Shares, just create user for nextcloud and added it in config. Read more how to:
    If you what to make folders of NC accessible via NTFC, check this solution: Help integrating Nextcloud with existing unRAID file structure [long]
    Also you need to rescan this folder periodically,, or e.g.:
  1. This is an example of configuration file with VirtualHost Nextcloud 16 Security Scan: __Host-Prefix and this could be ssl.conf for it --> How to disable TLS 1.0
    Also read Step by Step in my GIST:


Thanks for the feedback… When I log into my instance… I don’t have the capabilities to create office documents why is that or where should I look to fix this?

onlyoffice or collabora installed? just enabling the app in nc is not enough.