"Marked for remote wipe" not working

I folks,

I marked several devices which haven’t been used for a long time as “Marked for remote wipe”.

But, they aren’t deleted ever. I look into from week to week but the state doesn’t change. I already read this article but it doesn’t help.

OS: Debian Bullseye, Nextcloud 24.04, PHP 7.4.30, Background job execution method: cron.

Any ideas what may go wrong or where can I look for it? I’m running Nextcloud since v12 and performed updates on this installation as they appear.

Many thanks in advance for your help!



Are this device in use and have connectivity with NC? “remote wipe” is triggered once the client connects to the server. if the device remains offline there is no way to wipe the data.

No, the devices don’t have connectivity to NC anymore. They are sold or updated (Browsers).

If I understand you right in thise case there is no way to delete them. May be, a point for a feature request for one of the next NC versions :wink:

Anyway, thanks for your quick response, wwe!



hopefully you did factory reset before you sold them - this will remove the data on device as well (and no data is expected on the device in case of browser-only login, which session should end after reasonable amount of time - I think 14 days by default). The function is more intended for lost devices so you can prevent data loss in case the thief tries use the device without resetting it - in this case once the client successfully contact the server and receives the instruction to destroy local copies, local data is removed…

If a device is marked for remote wipe, and in the meantime the Admin changes the password for the employee who has left, does that mean the remote wipe will no longer work (because the device will not be connected to the Nextcloud server any more without the user re-logging in with the new password)?

As an Admin user how do I check the status of the remote wipe to check whether it has been completed before I delete the user account. Currently the only way I can check status is by logging in as that user (for which I have to change the password first, which potentially prevents the remote wipe).

Any help would be appreciated.

How to achieve a wiping of the device if it is not connected to the originally NC?

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I don’t think it’s realistic to do so. Somehow the wipe instruction must be given to the device.

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